Artist Makes “Harry Potter” Face Covering That Reveals The Marauder’s Map

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Harry Potter Face Mask

Credit: Stefanie Hook

This artist has created the most magical face covering of all — as her specially designed mask reveals the Marauder’s Map as you breathe through it, an effect similar to the real map in the Harry Potter films.

If you’re as big of a Harry Potter fan as we are, you’re probably familiar with the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This was when we first saw the magical document on screen.


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For those who may not remember, the enchanting map shows every classroom, hallway, and corner of Hogwarts Castle — All in addition to every secret passage hidden within the castle’s walls and the location of every person on the grounds. Although, it is only a blank document until reciting the phrase “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” Upon reciting this phrase, it reveals itself in a fashion similar to the mask above.

Stefanie Hook, from Colorado, told Insider she created the mask to “bring some magic” into the real world and we have to say that we feel this enchantment first-hand from this epic creation.

The Harry Potter-themed mask, which Hook created using the instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s sewing instructions, changes into the map once the temperature reaches 82 degrees Fahrenheit–which can be attained by breathing through it. However, it is worth noting for some that if you live in warmer climates you may be able to reach this temperature simply by stepping outside. Regardless, the effect is pretty whimsical!


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♬ original sound – coloradopex

Hook, in addition to being a mother of three and a US Navy reservist, sells this mask in addition to hand-sewn plush toys and accessories through her very own company CPEX. This mask and several others are the newest addition to her store.

According to Hook’s website, the masks may not fade to black until introduced to a lower temperature. The color of the products can also fade over time after being worn and washed, and the placement of each design differs slightly on each mask.

For those looking to get their hands on this mask, we’re sorry to inform you that they are currently sold out. However, Hook did reveal that she plans to sell more of the Marauder’s Map masks but in “very limited quantities.” Her plan for restock is set for May 29.

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