Mischief is Managed with Harry Potter Dinnerware

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harry potter plates from target

ACCIO Dinner! New Harry Potter Marauder’s Map dinnerware has apparated to our favorite retailers! Target’s supplier Toynk.com has them in sets of 4 on their own site here, since the original Target supply has sold out!

This find adds a little magic to our next progressive dinner party with a 16-piece set of Harry Potter plates to serve four of your fellow Prefects. The elegant gold leaf pattern displays the Marauder’s Map from the now-classic J.K. Rowling tome Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

harry potter plates from target
Credit: Target

Mischief Managed at Dinner (Marauder’s Map Plates)

The 16 piece dinner set of Harry Potter plates includes everything you need to create a place setting for four, including a large dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, and a mug. You’ll have to be careful to hand wash these plates (unless you have a proper spell for cleaning up after your meal) and never microwave them. The metallic design on the porcelain dinnerware will cause more sparks than a Periculum spell.

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs is advertised on the large dinner plate, and when layered with the Marauder’s Map salad plate, creates a place setting worthy of a feast in the Great Hall!

padfoot and prongs harry potter plates from target
Credit: Target
Marauder's Map Dinnerware
Credit: Target

The easily handled mug is lined in metallic gold, showing off Hogwarts school of Wizardy and Witchcraft as seen on the Marauder’s Map. Perhaps you can create your own footprints to a dinner menu?

harry potter marauders map mug
Credit: Target

The soup bowl is roomy for perhaps a pile of Pumpkin Pasties or a warm soup as snow falls in Hogsmeade. The whomping willow on the right is really quite enchanting. You can find all sorts of details in these Harry Potter dishes!

soup bowl for harry potter birthday dinner
Credit: Target

House Pride: Harry Potter Plates

There are more plates and dishes to collect with Target’s other house-pride sets. These include, of course, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and this editor’s personal house, Ravenclaw. Each of the place settings contains 16 pieces ( place setting for 4) and sells for a price of $79. Each Hogwarts House Pride Set includes 4 10.5” plates, 4 7.5” plates, 4 medium bowls and 4 mugs.

gryffindor plates for hogwarts
Credit: Target
hufflepuff plates for hogwarts
Credit: Target
ravenclaw plates for hogwarts
Credit: Target
slytherin plates for hogwarts
Credit: Target

Think Geek has sold Harry Potter plates and dishware before, in more of an all-over pattern, and we’ve seen Disney dishware that would please any Royal Princess.  If our kitchen cabinets were large enough, we’d collect all the sets!

The Dark Mark Death Eater Harry Potter Dinnerware

Add to your magical dining with “he who must not be named” and this 16 piece dinnerware set. Lord Voldemort’s dark mark is prominently displayed in this enchanting dinnerware collection. If your conjuring magic can’t make these appear perhaps you will take the lead of otherwise muggles and hop over to Toynk’s website for these Harry Potter delights, which can be yours for $89.99.

Harry Potter Voldemort Death Eater Dinnerware Sets
Credit: Toynk.com

Which House do you belong to? Leave us a comment about your favorite Hogwarts china pattern below!

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