Comments for Harry Potter Book Sales Drop After J.K. Rowling Controversy

HP sales drop


  1. Matt

    Meh… it could also be that she has been selling the exact same books since 1998, and her non-Harry potter books have not been as well received…

  2. Nachtwulf

    I love HP Lovecraft even though I recognize that he was a screeching racist. So was Tolkien. I think it’s possible to enjoy the media, while condemning the political/moral stance of the creator. I -am- kind of bewildered that, after getting -so much- backlash over this, that she just continues to keep trying to defend it? Or dig the hole deeper? It’s not like she doesn’t know that she’s upsetting the hell out of her fanbase or anything, AND YET…

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed on Twitter for their own safety… HK is one among many.

    1. Kris

      It’s called “not bowing down to pressure” and I applaud her for that. If people would just respect the fact that not everybody thinks the same as they do this world would be a much better place.

      1. Melanie Durham

        Amen to that!

  3. Lorie

    I love how open-minded and supportive the LGBTQ groups and their supports are…until you don’t agree with them….no worries J.K. Rowlings… by speaking your mind and heart and not giving in to the social bullies, you have gained new respect from a whole new crowd of people.

  4. Paul Alter

    Sadly, JKR and others need to learn some very fundamental human genetics and physiology. The male XX and female XY chromosome pairs DO NOT express sex in a binary. Human physiological sex is a continuum between those. There are even medically documented cases where a person with XX chromosome pairs physiologically expressed their sex as female, and vice versa.

    Human physiological expression of sex isn’t a choice. It isn’t a binary. Those are physiological facts of human genetics (p.s. I’m a molecular and cellular biologist). And the insistence of calling this out as her speaking her “heart and mind”, responding to “social bullies”, or not “bowing down to pressure” is absolutely no different than someone just speaking their “heart and mind” about how they see people of color as less.

    It was never right and it continues to be wrong.

    1. Dale

      So if people don’t think exactly like you, they are wrong? Is that what you are saying? Who picked you to decide for the rest of the people of the world whats right and wrong?

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