Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford!

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Harrison Ford Birthday

Today is Harrison Ford’s birthday. The actor who has become immortalized as the space smuggling anti-hero Han Solo and the world’s greatest Nazi-fighting archaeologist Indiana Jones, is now 78, and fans have taken to social media to wish him the very best of the day.

Here are some Twitter tributes that caught our eye:

@thebaron079 wrote, “Happy Birthday to the most important actor (to me) in my lifetime, #HarrisonFord. You are the king! #IndianaJones.”

It is not just his lifelong fans that are saying something. A newer fan, @SansMerci89, wrote, “When I first saw all his Indiana Jones movies last year, I thought no one else can do “smug” as magnificently as #HarrisonFord can. #HappyBirthdayIndy.”

Others also used the moment to share some hopes for more Harrison Ford movies. @WM2072 shared, “My dream casting for a live action UP is Harrison Ford as Carl Fredricksen! Come on you can’t tell me this wouldn’t work! It’s perfect. #HarrisonFord #Disney #UP @MakeThisAReality #DisneyPixar #HappyBirthdayHarrisonFord”

Others dropped references to his movies. @KitKatisWeird7 wrote, “Hadn’t realised it was the scruffy looking nerherder’s birthday. Bit relieved. #HarrisonFord.”

And others tried to be more inspirational with their messages. @myfabulousfind1 wrote, “‘We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.’ – Harrison Ford. Happy Birthday #HarrisonFord.”

After making his debut in George Lucas’s film American Grafitti (1973), Ford would work with Francis Ford Coppola on small roles in The Conversation and Apocalypse Now before landing the role as renegade smuggler Han Solo in Star Wars. 

While he continued the role through the original trilogy, Lucas recruited Ford to bring Indiana Jones to life in Raiders of the Lost Ark after a scheduling conflict kept Tom Selleck from taking the role. His two roles with Lucasfilm–which each became the star of their own trilogies–cemented his career as the half-civil anti-hero willing to do whatever it takes to survive from Blade Runner to Air Force One. 

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In recent years, Ford has reprised Solo and Indy, continuing to bring something new and develop the characters while also providing his audience with just the right amount of nostalgia. He is still set to return to the screen for a fifth Indiana Jones film sometime in 2021.

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Are you a Harrison Ford fan? What is your favorite role or movie? Let us know in the comments!

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