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Hamilton and Prince John


  1. Yvonne Anderson

    I watched it and loved it because it taught me American history , i am scottish and white but believe if black actors don’t have a problem with being in it then I don’t have one watching it ,America is all about freedom of speech so let people make up their own mind , we tell our kids dont be a bully and dont be pressured into doing anything you dont want to so come on adults take some of your own advice , to be one world regardless of the colour of your skin you have to respect not everyone is going to agree with you .

  2. Jan

    I made it through the first song and I went over to Outbound. I was not impressed. If I had paid for it on Broadway I would have been asking for a refund. I am not a fan of hip-hop. I love biographic books and I went into the film with an open mind but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. There are different choices for different people. If you enjoyed it great. It just wasn’t for my family.

  3. Sam Smith

    I didn’t like Hamilton at the beginning, but enjoyed it more as it went along. All those calling for it to be removed- STOP YOUR PROTEST! These people will protest anything just to protest. First they want more minorities in films, then when there are they complain. They complain that it glorifies the past leaders- I disagree, I felt it showed them in a less than favorable light. It talked about fighting slavery for God sake! Some people are never happy! It was interesting that the same type of behaviors people complain about today took place way back then too! When will we, who live in the present, stop being punished for things that happened in the past! And didn’t even start in the New World, but was brought here from other countries!

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