Comments for Animatronic Falls Down in EPCOT Attraction

gran fiesta tour jose down


  1. Darth Notices

    Gotta hand it to Jose… even though he tripped, he was still singing, tapping his foot and ON WITH THE SHOW!!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Thats how it goes in theatre! Well maybe not so much now after covid but thats why understudies get love. Though wish the same could be said for poor jose… i thought they were birds of a feather always together shouldnt they have all fallen down? Better question…lol

      1. Mark

        You 2 are a hoot and should date!

  2. gerGlebird

    The Grand Siesta Tour!

  3. Paul Alter

    One too many margaritas will do that to you.

  4. EricJ

    Ah, José parece cansado de todas as noites tocando samba com seus amigos no Rio e na Bahia, sem mencionar os problemas de acompanhar el Pato Donald!…

    …Or, as you Americans say: “Jose’ looks pooped!'”

  5. WOW

    A true omen … re-theme the attraction!

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