Comments for FuelRod Creates “Founder” Status Amid Swap Fee Controversy

Disney FuelRod Charger Founder Status


  1. Traci

    Such bull! I purchased when it first showed up at Disneyland. I no longer have the information required. Crooks like everybody else. It only charges my phone about a quarter anyway. cheap product.

    1. Levi

      Check you old emails chances are you still have it. All it asks for is the email address you most likely used and the month and year you bought it and the last 4 digits of the card you most likely used. And it didn’t originate at Disney. San Diego convention center was first place to offer them way back in 2014 Followed by sea world parks in 2015 and then airports and convention halls and theme parks around the country.

  2. SG

    Good to know it’s a bad product and over priced AND they add a charging fee! No thank you I’m not buying.

  3. EricJ

    What about the charging rest stops, like Tangled Square in MK?
    Put ’em there for a reason, enjoy them!

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