$64,000 Arribas Castle Destroyed in Seconds

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An expensive blown glass castle has been accidentally destroyed at the Shanghai Museum of Glass. Billed as the world’s largest glass castle, the impressive piece of artwork was created by Spanish glassblower Miguel Arribas and inspired by Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Arribas spent 500 hours crafting the expensive castle that is estimated to have been worth $64,000 prior to the incident. This is largely due to its 24-karat gold spires.

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In May, two children were running through the Museum of Glass and inadvertently hit the display case where ‘The Fantasy Castle’ was housed. The reverberation caused the main spire and other parts of the castle to break.

Arribas, who is the co-founder of the famous Disney Parks Arribas Brothers glass and crystal retail establishments, cannot currently travel to Shanghai to make repairs on the Disney castle art due to pandemic related restrictions.

The parents of the children who accidentally broke ‘The Fantasy Castle’ have reportedly offered to cover all expenses related to its eventual repair.

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What do you think about the Arribas glass castle getting broken? Would you like to travel to Shanghai to see it in person?

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