Comments for Actors’ Equity Rejects Disney’s Safety Plan for Performers

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  1. Papito

    Good. They can reject themselves right out of a job. Divas.

    1. Anony

      There’s actual people who don’t want to risk catching a virus; shocking, I know ? The performers don’t have a union to protect them from anything the company does, of course they’re not gonna be happy with not being given COVID tests. You have to know when to put health over wealth

      1. Lydia

        Papito how rude she was only stating facts i wish itm had a way to throw people whom rudely comment off this site!!!! I have had enough of people rioting in streets and attacking each other… hope and kindness should be key!!! You should care and have common decency thats why i bet you do not care what happens to cms or fellow gyests or floridians you selfishly care about you! And english yet again this is a comment pg not an exam!!! Drop it or go to hell where everyone whom does not have a heart esp in this world caring for your fellow man should!!!

        1. Well said Lydia there are far to many selfish people who only think about how everything affects them, we all have to b patient and thoughtful it costs nothing to b nice

    2. Rebel Orange Bird

      Papito, They can not safely perform w masks! It also will affect the magic that is many shows bc many shows they lipsync also they have to be near other preformers! The only diva here is you and everyone whom thinks its there obligation to entertain you (its like here on broadway and stage dooring when certain performers do not come out people riot but why their obligated to preform but be at that audience member beckon call after).Whom is risking being there NO cm feels safe either! There will be no econmy left if people keep dying bc there will be no one to support it!!! I am in i know what fl is up aganist now its not pretty! Please let us all stay safe and have common sense! I am so sorry your vaca is ruined bc no ent but lives are more important arent they??? Disney is not going anywhere!!!

  2. Yoda

    I feel sorry for the performers and hope they stand there ground until Disney gives in. They can’t go back to work right now without some pipe as there is a county wide mask mandate.
    If the NBA that is staying on Disney properties is willing to do daily COVID tests for their employees, Disney should be able to test their employees so they can feel safe for themselves and families.

  3. Janie

    Its a blood infection thats very dangerous anyone could carry including children… disney attracts many! And performers are most at risk esp costume characters whom for their safety probably should not wear a mask under that costume! Forget how weird it will look esp the stage shows. And they are also in close contact w each other. Its not safe and when it is then they should rethink it but this is the new world we should all keep that in mind and be safe!

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