Comments for Cast Members Speak Out Against Equity, Ready to Return to Work

Equity Actors Ready to Return to Disney Video

Credit: YT: Sage Starkey TV


  1. Rj

    There are always those, in every employment sector, that value money over life. Wear a mask. Get tested. Have temp taken 3 times a day. For God’s sake people… do whatever it takes to stay safe and keep others safe.

  2. Tina

    Thank You for this inspiring, thoughtful, happy, magical, fun, uplifting few moments with all of you.Thank You for caring about what you do and with whom,Thank You for the enthusiasm and smiles and for missing all of it as we the guests do.Thank You for the Magic.

  3. Mark

    its one person in a picture great reporting again itm! Clearly you know no one in ent! Most folks i know do not want to loose the benifits of equity its that or no job like ent at universal! And equity fought for them to get paid. So how is disney right? Lately itm you sound like your disney back pocket and you use to be a great fan site!

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