Comments for EPCOT Guest Charged with Carrying Guns in Diaper Bag

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  1. Davis

    Only in fl!

  2. Leon

    Leave it to them to bring guns and violence into Disney World. Way to catch them security !

    1. scott

      Who said he’s bringing violence in? Most gun owners are good, civil people. There are 400 million firearms in the United States and you hear about EVERY time one is used illegally.

      Today with the mask people foaming at the mouth over us non-mask wearers, I carry every day too. I dont bring violence anywhere. Its simply self defense.

      1. Tim

        Wear a mask Scott.

      2. Barry

        If he forgot that he was carrying a firearm in the diaper bag, then he is completely irresponsible.

        As for wearing a mask, if you are so big on self-defense then you would wear a mask to protect everyone around you.

      3. DaddyPiranha

        So, you want to shoot other people, but if you can’t kill them that way, you want them to catch a virus and die? I mean, that’s a pretty bold stance. Not one most people would take, but we don’t suffer from insecurity. You do you, boo.

  3. Paul Alter

    The real questions are whether the 7 month old baby had a concealed carry permit and a medical marijuana prescription? 🙂

    Trying to figure out the “protection” aspect of having both a 9mm and a .45 in a diaper bag. What, they think their going to have to do the “back-to-back rotating around each other shooting at all the bad guys” from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith scene?


  4. WOW

    These shenanigans are usually reserved for the Florida Man. Looks like he has competition from the Georgia Woman.

    When traveling to WDW the last thing you need with you is a weapon … leave them in the car. Add a thousand dollars to her fine for shear ignorance.

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