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  1. Papito

    I really don’t give a duck!

    1. Mark Kaplan


  2. Kaya

    If they cared as much when Disney says to not feed them. All this fake outrage is getting annoying.

  3. Billbodoggins

    Based on the title of the article I would have thought she kicked the duck or set it on fire or something. She just picked it up and it didn’t look like it was freaking out or anything. The statement “against its will” is strange because I have no idea what was in the mind of the duck. Agreed, they should be left alone and she shouldn’t pick it up but this doesn’t really seem like too big of a story.

    1. emcg


  4. mike barnes

    Who cares!!!

  5. prince charming

    If she is a Disney lifeguard, she could give me mouth to mouth resuscitation any time she wants.

  6. Jill


  7. Me

    She’s Going to either get a coaching counseling or reprimand,

  8. Gigglezallday

    Searching through her social media, she appears to be an animal lover. I’m so disappointed in society for focusing on and trying to create drama when unnecessary. So many innocent actions twisted to meet a specific narrative. Maybe not concerning, until it happens to you. Much support to this young girl,
    and all of the other people who try to do good deeds, only to be criticized.

  9. Shawn

    Good grief! The outrage!! The indignation!!! I’m offended on behalf of the duck. She should be publicly shamed and harrassed. She should be evicted from her home. She should be fired from her job. All said SARCASTICALLY…… Leave the girl alone for heaven sake. If this is an infraction of her employment with Disney, they will deal with it. Humans are becoming soooo aggressive and nasty to each other. Social media has let you think your opinion is important. It’s not. Keep it to yourself.

  10. AnotherGirl

    I heard she released a statement that she raises ducks and was trying to get it away from people feeding it popcorn? I have seen a child trying to get kick a duck like a field goal attempt as well as heard a story (my coworkers were working at the time) where Chinese guests killed a duck inside Animal Kingdom, and said it was for dinner, before they were escorted out of the park. Another guest killed a mouse that my coworker was saying hello to in Animal Kingdom… Right in front of him. Not sure where that guest was from? Guests can be outrageous and completely horrifying towards wildlife – this CM didn’t mean it any harm, I assume. She wouldn’t get in trouble if she was an animal handler as a job on Disney Property I would think, and she probably shouldn’t have had a video of herself. People are freaking out over it and if she really does raise ducks and was trying to protect it, I can’t really get mad. People should be mad at the folks feeding them. :-/

  11. Matt Brewster

    Only an idiot would pick up a wild animal! Have you never heard of rabies? I also wonder why the duck would allow itself to be picked up?

    1. Michelle Anderson

      Much ado about nothing. “Only mammals can be infected with rabies and potentially transmit the disease. Species that pose no risk of a rabies direct transmission include avians (e.g., chickens, ducks, geese, hawks, eagles, owls, and even vultures), reptiles (lizards, turtles, etc.), and amphibians (e.g., frogs).” N.C. Rabies Control Manual –Animal Management: Other Animals that Bite Humans February 2013

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