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  1. Dan

    It has nothing to do with popularity. Hollywood Studios has the least capacity of all 4 parks so naturally it will sell out first


      I don’t understand why Disney doesn’t just “account” for the resort guests, like Universal Studios? Wouldn’t it make more sense? I don’t think it’s fair for resort guests to be deprived of the incentives that a Disney Resort gives you for staying at them…now, they are no better than a motel 6. Idk? Just my thoughts, oh well. Talk about “1st world problems’.

      1. Michelle

        Count for resort guest ? What resort ? Cause disney does let disney resort guest book first those are the people with vail tickets ?

  2. Michelle

    There are more then 3 ticket type tickets that can book a reservation for entry there are those comp tickets and yes resort guest pribally got park reservations first

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