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  1. Paul

    I think adding a Tiana’s Place would be awesome! And adding a beignet quick service – sign me up!

  2. Douglas Abramson

    The Hungry Bear is really the only place for “affordable” dinning in that corner of the park and the best option in the area for picky eaters. There is some room behind whatever the gift shop/long bar building is being called these days, they could tear down, or remodel that building and have a themed dining option right where the Splash Mountain and Winnie the Poo exists converge. That would still leave the log cabin building and carts available to sell souvenirs.

  3. Marlene

    I love the hungry bear!! One of my favorites at Disney!! But hoping they can somehow work in her restaurant somewhere else. That would be awesome!

  4. Nachtwulf

    Hungry Bear is indeed the go-to for families in that end of the park and is the last homage to Country Bears… but by the same token CBJ is long gone, so the restaurant has lost its theme connection. I’m a little torn between agreeing that Hungry Bear needs a retheme, and saying a Tiana’s Palace should go in NOS, but … the Mountain sits right on the border between what qualifies as ‘Critter Country’ (always a half-land in my mind), and New Orleans. I worry that putting it in NOS is too far away from its connected ride, but that replacing Hungry Bear with it will bring New Orleans Square too far into an already pint-sized land/area, basically thematically erasing it (since the only ‘critterness’ left will be Pooh.)

    ON THE OTHER HAND… frankly? Pooh isn’t that great. Even when I went years ago it had very little in the way of lines for it, and I can’t imagine it’s gotten better over time. Maybe it’s time to just retire Critter Country as a whole concept, and let New Orleans spread all the way into that corner of the park. What if Critter Country became Bayou Country… the rural side of New Orleans Square, which would make the PatF attraction a thematic pivot point (which makes sense for the narrative). It means replacing Pooh with something else but even if it was removed entirely for a meet and greet or something I don’t think that’d be a great loss.

  5. Elizabeth Turk

    Nooooooo!!!!! Please, please, please don’t take Splash Mountain and Hungry Bear Restaurant away!!! My family and I have loved them both for many, many years!!!!

  6. Melanie Durham

    I think Tianas Palace would be splendid!

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