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  1. Michelle Anderson

    I noticed Tinkerbell acting like an Indian (gasp!) in the introduction, and Uncle Remus sang Zip a dee doo dah while trains were running. I thought Disney+ was a safe space, but I think I’ll be depressed all afternoon now. I feel quite proud of myself for making it through the day. My husband was in the national guard (so he’s a racist) and had live fire going over his head to prepare for scary days. It feels like that. This was sarcastic in case anyone is wondering. I really enjoyed the nostalgia. Glad I watched it.

    1. Darth Notices

      My favorite part of your comment was when you explained that it was sarcasm.

      Also, couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t say anything nice about the cinematography. Somebody worked really hard on that. It just makes you sound ungrateful.

      1. Michelle Anderson

        Interesting way to completely change the subject of what I said. What part of glad I watched it did you not get? Cancel culture is poisonous. Are you trying to draw attention away from me pointing it out?

        1. Darth Notices

          Can we assume you’re being sarcastic again? If so, …love it! If not, …still love it!

          But between you ‘n me, sounds like you did watch it, so doesn’t seem canceled yet. Just a pointer, y’know, before you start discussing it front of others.

          Other than that, keep up the good show, mate!

        2. Corey W

          Just ignore him. If you haven’t noticed from all his other posts he’s just an internet troll probably living in his parents basement with nothing better to do until his mom calls him upstairs to let him know his grilled cheese is ready.

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