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  1. Ken G

    I hope they do enforce this and folks follow the rules! The one thing I also hope they do is have a “rest area” similar to what they are doing at Dollywood. There they are using a couple of their indoor auditoriums and allowing a limited amount of people in at a time to take off their masks, get our the summer heat and rest for a short time. I think this should be done at the Disney parks as well, especially at Disney World to get out of the humidity. I am wondering though are masks required on all of the faster thrill rides too? That could be difficult.

    1. Eric

      Show me one peer reviewed randomized clinical trial that proved masks work as source control. You are being lied to.

  2. Tina

    None of this sounds either doable or desirable these are however the rules” FOR NOW” and we all understand if we want back in this is how we do that,I just renewed our Annuals and am afraid we won’t be back for a year or two now.Unfortunate.

  3. Sammie

    The mask are absolutely ridiculous and don’t make a difference!
    This country needs to get back to normal.
    I’m not going back to Disney until all these stupid rules are lifted.
    I want to see smiling faces not stupid masks that makes everybody look angry and like they have fat faces.
    Their muffled voices are enough to make me want to hit something!!!
    That’s not DISNEY!
    Walt himself would not open his park if there were these restrictions.
    Everyone needs to grow up and quick being little sissy wusses.
    I had it and now I am immune to it.
    Get it and get over it!!!!
    I’m so glad I’m not some brainwashed zombie idiot like most everyone!

    1. TacoCat

      What an idiotic statement. Stomp your feet a little bit louder and maybe throw yourself on the ground and kick and scream. Grow up.

    2. Scotty

      A) That isn’t how the science works.

      B) Don’t go, do everyone else a favor and stay away. Nobody is forcing you to go anywhere. That is your choice.

      C) Walt was a huge science supporter and advocate so if science was saying to wear a mask, he would be on board 100%.

      1. Janie

        Vacations and disney are not worth the risk! You getting to go is a privalaged and thats how you sound! Cms like me, fellow guests, and people in general are scared and all you care about is your vacation it sounds like privileged to me… you know PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!! DO YOU NOT GET THAT????? WE as a country just had the worst wk of the whole thing since reopening. We are in a new normal so deal w it! Do not well suck it up buttercup bc if what my friends in the military are saying is true its about to get way worse before it gets better and you best be praying for a vaccine or something.

  4. EricJ

    I can already see Edna Mode put in charge of park-designed masks:
    “Masks are fine, but no capes, darling.”

  5. prince charming

    I have worked in biochemistry for over 25 years. I would never test contagious organisms with anything other than a biological respirator. In order to capture bacteria from a sample you need a filter with pore size no more than 0.45 microns. None of these masks which people wear come close even on the rare occaison when they are worn properly. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when I see these frito banditos wearing a bandana on their face. We all want to PRETEND that we can wear a mask and stand away and we will be safe and we do not want anyone to challenge our delusion. Coronavirus will never go away just like TB never went away. We will only be “safe” when the population develops the immunity to fight it off as any other virus.

  6. William

    The policy is a political statement. When you have the “expert” on record as saying he only wears the mask for symbolism and not because its effective tells you all you need to know – it doesn’t work.

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