Comments for Disney World Reopens This Week as Pandemic Surges

disney world reopening


  1. Paul Alter

    All I can guess is this was a “who blinks first” situation – Disney, Orange County, or the state of Florida. And nobody blinked. I gotta believe Disney was almost hoping the state or county would shut things down so they wouldn’t be blamed, and it’s clear now that no matter what Florida is charging ahead.

    I wonder what the PR will be like when contact tracing shows outbreaks came from WDW?

  2. emcg

    You don’t know what will happen. Older people and people with immune problems should not go. Cast members I would guess it’s up to them if they want to go back to work. Some need money since unemployment is running out. You can’t stay home forever. Disney is usually pretty good at adapting to change so we will see what happens in about a month. Hopefully all is good and we get on with our lives.

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