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Disney World Guest Survey


  1. Matt Brewster

    It would be irresponsible for Diz NOT to conduct these inquiries. The company is just trying to protect itself, its guests and CMs from danger or, of course, liability.

  2. MCB

    Having been to Disney numerous times and taken this similar survey more than once in the past, most of these questions have been part of it long before the pandemic. They ask because they are looking for the demographics of guests. I’m sure some questions have changed and evolved but most of these are pretty normal for their surveys.

  3. prince charming

    Big brother wants to know what have been doing?

  4. Evan

    Some of the questions are similar to the CDC’s recommended contact tracing question protocol, many are the same Disney survey questions in place for years “to measure the guest experience” and some appear to be how Disney matches up to other venues vying for the vacation $$$ in MCO. Or the entire survey is to measure the potential impact that Covid 19 has on the Orlando area from a Disney guest perspective, a measure of Disney’s potential level of exposure and compiling of information to be used to mitigate the level of potential risk for WDW. Regardless of whether this is benign in nature or a Disney/government collaboration to track the virus, no one is forced to complete the survey. If you don’t like what is being asked, don’t participate.

  5. Mark

    i think disney needs to either make people feel safe without so many restrictions and red flags like i am still on vacation i have a mask that makes me feel comfortable and is clearly covering everything… i am not wasting money on one of yours i like mine also i do not have a fever try standing out in this heat stressed and exhausted from walking the parking lot try again…. you still need to wait though i have a qr code we gave out too many now we are at capacity! My heart goes out to all the cms and guest relation security that have to be mouse nazis bc of this nonsense! I can go to any other park and anywhere in the world and be fine following cdc guidelines wo going disney overboard! Insanity! I just went to my local park here and as long as i kept my distance on my little bubble i am aloud to de-mask in line and on ride bc lets face it mask and roller coaster do not wrk! And your separated by rows and feet anyways.

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