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  1. Roger

    Why not just name it BLM mountain. They seem to be getting what they want lately. Disney is a big disappointment .

    1. Arnie Gonzalez

      Well stated…not to mention I’m willing to bet many of the BLM movement have never visited Dismey to know the iconic ride- ridiculous!

    2. Paul

      Yes, getting what they want: respect, equality, equal opportunity, elimination of racism and racial bias, not getting shot by the police or suburban vigilantes.

      Those darn, pesky BLMers.

      1. Dale

        Those are all things that should be earned not given. That Colorado air must be preventing the oxygen getting to your brain mr alter.

      2. Michael Igoe

        only white people get shot and killed MORE than all other ethnic groups COMBINED!!!

      3. JJH

        Well…if you don’t commit crimes, then your interactions with the police won’t occur.

        Us, where is BLM for all the black on black violence across America?!? Statistically, more blacks are killed by other blacks than by anyone else combined. (FACTS) So put down the grape kool-aid.

    3. Bruce

      There is no way they were planning this for a year. This is a total capitulation to BLM, which is a marxist organization. Disney should be totally against them as they want to do away with the nuclear family. Isn’t Disney about family?

      1. Erin

        Lol BLM is anti-family now too? Darn them for wanting their mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons to live! How dare they!


        1. Damion

          Erin all you have to do is go to their website and you can read it all yourself how they want to “break the nuclear family”. Like most black live matter supporters, they have no idea what they are supporting.

    4. Damion

      I think they should call it “Riot Rapids”! I mean they do want representation right?

  2. I am a little confused because when Disney does their maintenance there is always an announced time frame of an approximate start and end date so guests can plan their visits but this closure without a warning was so unfair especially in the summer when splash mountain is there only way to get wet and cool off at Magic Kingdom. I am glad i wasn’t there when this happened, would not have made my day very magical.

  3. Cathy

    Maybe there was an alligator in the water. That happens there you know. This is Florida. lol

  4. David A

    Another case of reporters trying to make a story out of nothing. The ride simply broke down and had to be drained so that the fault could be repaired. This from an inside source.

  5. Ron

    Hey paul look around see who pays the bills

    1. Paul


  6. Erin

    It’s not the beginning. I am a CM and another told me yesterday that something was wrong with the ride. It was down most of yesterday. Something most likely needs to be repaired. They wouldn’t drain it unless they had to. It hasn’t closed.

    Also, remember its a theme park ride. Try not to make it political.

  7. Sue

    I read the other day Jose fell over inside Splash Mountain I guess he heard the news he was being removed he was so distraught he passed out. I can’t believe they would get rid of millions of people’s beloved Splash Mountain!! what’s this world coming to.

  8. Joyce

    This is very strange. I was at MK this morning July 28th and the water was flowing. I actually stood there to watch, but there weren’t any log boats going down, but tons of water!

    1. Anonymous

      So what if this so called report was a lie, just to draw attention?

    2. Michael Igoe

      Splash mountain is an iconic ride.
      the first time I rode it I was in my early twenties and had NO idea it was based on song of the south. A movie I STILL haven’t seen to this day. i knew the song zip a dee do dah from the sing along VHS tapes i grew up with.
      I guarantee you 99%of folks that have ridden that attraction don’t think “slave” or other negative racial affiliation.
      Disney is getting more and more political, making HUGE changes to accommodate to very small groups. Shame on them.
      Walt Disney built his parks for the American family, at his heart he promoted Americana with everything he did.
      Disney Co. of today so not respect him, his values or what he created.

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