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  1. Daniel

    Any idea when we have to initiate the refund by? Ie before the parks open tomorrow to passholders? I haven’t seen anything from Disney yet.

  2. Dana

    What about the deposit put down on annual passes? We paid $695 for deposit on 5 passes as part of payment plan. If part of that isn’t refunded then those on payment plans cancelling won’t receive the same refunded amount as those who paid it all upfront. This isn’t addressed by the cancellation policy.

  3. The Boss

    We canceled our annual pass the day they closed the parks. We were told someone would call us back about our request. Three months later no call from disney.

    On June 26th received email stating we would get refund in 7 to 10 days. 12 days pass no refund. I call disney on hold for an hour. Customer rep tells me they will put me through to support. On hold for another hour. This customer rep proceeds to call someone else who has the answer to where our refund is. So me and the customer rep are now both on hold together waiting for an answer. A complete joke and after another hour wait they have no idea why we got an email stateing we were getting a refund. Customer rep says they will call us back. 5 days later no call back.

    Disney has failed miserably

  4. Heather

    I’d be very interested to know just how many passholders cancelled… Was it enough that Disney started to wonder, “Did we make the right call…” or are most people just saying to heck with it, I’ll just keep paying?
    Y’all should investigate. LOL.

  5. Jen

    I was told when I called to inquire about the partial refund that the refundable amount would be the number of days closed from the date of closure in March to opening date in July. I haven’t heard anything about my refund however Im now hearing horror stories from passholders that canceled saying their refunds are close to zero when they have only used a handful of days bf the parks closed. Example: passholder used one week and had over 300 days left on their pass and received about $10 refund. Thats right, $10. Whats going on?

    1. AB

      I really want to know the answer to this as well. There needs to be more information available so that people can make a real decision here. I don’t want to cancel a pass that is now good through April 2021 if I get literally nothing back – I’d keep it just in case things get better more quickly than we think. But if I’m going to receive 8-9 months worth of value back like I think I should (I think, not Disney of course), then I’d go this route and buy later when I know we will be able to go back. We are out of state and this is absolute torture not knowing what the refund amount is and trying to make the right call.


        Totally agree with this. Also out of state, but if I’m going to get less than $300 back on a pass that’s now expiring next May, I’d likely hang onto it rather than get a refund. The fact that they aren’t disclosing the amount before you cancel is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. Pamela Bush

    I have call 3x to cancel our annual pass. Each time put on hold. we have visited WDW for 30 years, with over 40 visits! Why can’t we speak with someone. We are canceling our passes because of all your liberal views and expecially hiring of Colin K. to represent Disney. I don’t want my grandchildren exposed to him or your liberal views.

  7. Carrie

    I called and got a hold of a representative. Theoretically, I cancelled my premier pass, got some confirmation number and was told that I would get an email within a few days. They didn’t know how much I would get refunded. Considering I got it in January, used it once, flew back to my Midwest state (which is why I got the premier, so I could go to both sides of the country) and now it seems that even IF I get a refund it will be a paltry percentage of the $2000 I spent.

    I would travel with my husband on his business trips to LA and there is no way I can “schedule” ahead of time when I can go to Disneyland. Having been a long term AP holder, over 20 years, I feel like the AP should be treated better.

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