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Raya and the Last Dragon

Credit: Disney

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  1. Thomas

    I’ll start by saying I can’t wait to see this movie, and I think the character design of Raya is pretty cool, and nice to see a female character in the 3D animation style that doesn’t look exactly the same as Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa (I love Tangled and Frozen, but swap their hair and they still look exactly the same). The only thing that I’m having trouble with is the movie title, it just feels very clunky, we’ve had Tangled, Frozen, the constantly shelved and restarted Gigantic, cool snappy names, but Raya and the Last Dragon just doesn’t hit you straight away. Had it been just Raya or The Last Dragon or the original working title Dragon Empire (which I think sounds awesome and I don’t know why they didn’t just keep that – but then Kingdom of the Sun is a better title than Emperor’s New Groove so what do I know?), I’ll see the movie, love it, and can’t actually wait to see a genuine original non-remake or sequel movie from Disney Animation, I just wish they tweaked the title just a little.

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