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Abigail Disney Layoff Warning


  1. Sue

    She is right. The workers some where scared to go back to work and where told if you don’t go find another job. The CEO’s and upper management make big bucks in the millions so they didn’t take a cut bc they still got all there other perks. And the cast members where the ones to take the biggest cut. They can live on what Disney pays them. Some live in there cars. The student program is a joke they have 6 or 7 of them living in a apartment and then take the rent out if they pay. But people will still come there over and over and still pay the crazy money right now and get less. They should have never opened until it was safe to do so. They are not going to say how many of there employees got sick they don’t want anyone to know that. They don’t want anyone to know what happens outside of Disney . I don’t feel sorry for Disney they control Central Florida.

    1. Tonya

      You could have really benefited from the Disney College Program. Although I guess the difference between “where” and “were” and “there” bad “their” was actually taught in grade school so I retract my former statement. You definitely wouldn’t have gotten into DCP.

  2. Brandon

    I get really tired of hearing her opinions on SJW topics.

    She’s loud, she’s vulgar, she does not have a say in how the company run. Her last name is Disney. That’s the o my connection to the company.

    And if she’s that concerned about the welfare of the employees then why does she not donate some of her hundreds of Millions of inherited dollars to the front line workers?

    Otherwise. Shut up! No one wants to here your opinion on anything.

  3. Mike

    If Disney, goes forward with Re-theming Splash Mountain, then I really hope the Disney company goes bankrupt.

  4. Joe

    I worked at Epcot as an Engineering Service Manager and can tell you that I fully expect to be laid off, I was furloughed in April and have not heard of when I will be called back even though the park is open and operating. The same for over half of my team. Managers that had less time with the company were called to return so as far as I’m concerned. I don’t work for Walt Disney World anymore.

  5. Tracey

    I hate to say it, she is not wrong. I have worked for the Disney corporate sector for over a decade. Bob Iger at least has a soul. Bob Chapek is one of the coldest and least human leaders at Disney. “Profit over People” I can guarantee will be the new mission statement. Pretty much everyone had a moment of silence for Disney when Chapek was announced the new CEO. Morale is so low across the board. This will be a serious dark era for the mouse for the next few years. To be honest, I am done with Disney as well.

    1. Nick

      Agreed. It was already going to be bad with Chapek, the real Disney villain. Can’t imagine what it will be like now. We all await the layoffs. I’m thinking 10% staff cut. At least. Do you think it could be deeper?

  6. Sean

    I have always looked at Abigail Disney as a Karen.

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