Disney Earns 145 Primetime Emmy Nominations

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Walt Disney Company Emmy's

Today Television Academy announced the nominations for the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards, and the Walt Disney Company raked in 145 nominations throughout all their brands.

Long-running networks like ABC, FX, and Hulu all receiving more nominations than they had last year.  Even The Walt Disney Company’s newest brand, Disney+ earned 19 nominations without having even been streaming for a year.  Let’s take a look at some of Disney’s most noteworthy nominations from this year’s Emmy’s.

The Walt Disney Company
Credit: The Walt Disney Company


The biggest Primetime Emmy nomination story comes from Disney+.  Disney fans have fallen in love with The Mandalorian since the release of the first season’s episode from the day Disney+ launched.  It seems that the Television Academy has fallen in love with The Mandalorian as well because it received the most nominations of any Walt Disney Company television shows with 15 nominations.

Other Disney+ shows with nominations are A Celebration of the Music from Coco, Forky Asks a Question, The Imagineering Story, and The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda
Credit: Disney

List of All Walt Disney Company Nominations

Disney was also recently nominated for 48 Daytime Emmy Awards.  One of these Daytime Emmy nominations led to an award that helped Alan Menken reach E.G.O.T. status.  In order of most nominations to least, here are all the television shows from the Walt Disney Company that have received a nomination for a 2020 Primetime Emmy Award.  You can check out what all these nominations were for here.

Emmy Nominees
Credit: The Walt Disney Company
  • The Mandalorian (Disney+ / Lucasfilm Ltd.)—15 nominations
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)—10 nominations
  • Mrs. America (FX Networks / FXP)—10 nominations
  • The Oscars (ABC)—9 nominations
  • What We Do in the Shadows (FX Networks/FXP)—8 nominations
  • Pose (FX Networks / Disney Television Studios / FXP)—6 Nominations
  • Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu / Disney Television Studios)—5 nominations
  • The Politician (Disney Television Studios)—5 nominations
  • This Is Us (Disney Television Studios)—5 nominations
  • American Horror Story: 1984 (FX Networks / Disney Television Studios)—4 nominations
  • black-ish (ABC / Disney Television Studios)—4 nominations
  • The Cave (National Geographic)—4 nominations
  • Devs (FX Networks / FXP)—4 nominations
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC / Disney Television Studios)—4 nominations
  • Live in Front of a Studio Audience: ‘All In the Family’ and‘Good Times’ (ABC)—4 nominations
  • Normal People (Hulu)—4 nominations
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC)—3 nominations
  • The Last Dance (ESPN)—3 nominations
  • The Little Mermaid Live! (ABC)—3 nominations
  • Modern Family (ABC / Disney Television Studios)—3 nominations
  • Ramy (Hulu)—3 nominations
  • The Simpsons (Disney Television Studios)—3 nominations
  • The Great (Hulu)—2 nominations
  • Life Below Zero (National Geographic)—2 nominations
  • Shark Tank (ABC)—2 nominations
  • Tales from the Loop (Disney Television Studios)—2 nominations
  • 2019 American Music Awards (ABC)—1 nomination
  • A Celebration of the Music from Coco (Disney+)—1 nomination
  • Bob’s Burgers (Disney Television Studios)—1 nomination
  • Central Park (Disney Television Studios)—1 nomination
  • The Conners (ABC)—1 nomination
  • Forky Asks A Question (Disney+)—1 nomination
  • Godfather of Harlem (Disney Television Studios)—1 nomination
  • Hillary (Hulu)—1 nomination
  • Homeland (Disney Television Studios)—1 nomination
  • How to Get Away with Murder (Disney Television Studios)—1 nomination
  • The Imagineering Story (Disney+)—1 nomination
  • National Geographic Presents Cosmos: Creating Possible Worlds (National Geographic)—1 nomination
  • Oh Jerome, No (Cake) (FX Networks/FXP)—1 nomination
  • The Rookie (ABC/Disney Television Studios)—1 nomination
  • Sea of Shadows (National Geographic)—1 nomination
  • Star Wars Resistance (Disney Channel/Lucasfilm Animation)—1 nomination
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum (Disney+)—1 nomination
  • Wu-Tang: An American Saga (Hulu)—1 nomination


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