Comments for Disney Delays ‘Mulan’ Indefinitely

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  1. Ken

    It really doesn’t matter how long they delay it without the dragon the girls have shown no interest what so ever in this film.

  2. Thomas

    While I’m annoyed about it being held up yet again, my local cinema is apparently not due to reopen next week but in a couple of months, despite the rest of the brand throughout the country is opening. It’s one of the only remakes I’ve been interested to see. I just hope that cinemas reopen sooner rather than later, if close contact sport can restart where people are physically touching each other then why a cinema (which is almost never full to capacity anyway) can’t open is beyond me. There’s plenty of ways to open without risking peoples health. Not everyone enjoys sport so the lack of new entertainment coming is more soul destroying than some sport game being played. This thing isn’t going away so I’m at a point now where if I get it I get it and have to ride it out and hopefully make it to the other end, but in the same breath I don’t want to risk my friends and family.

  3. We already got a new release date Aug 21, 2020. It will be in theaters. Don’t worrie about it.

    1. I’m worried about Mulan was removed from 2020 schedule. We will wait until 2021 schedule.

  4. Mulan needs a new release date before Christmas 🙁 #CoronaWillEndSoon

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