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Annual Passholder Sales at wdw header


  1. sean

    these people will be surprised if Disney decides no to sell ANY new AP for a long time. One of the rumors going around before covid 19 was that disney was trying to lower the amount of AP holders

    1. Dustin

      Hopefully they are at Disneyland (can’t speak for WDW). The park is overrun with APs that clog up the aisle ways and take all the single-rider lines. Pretty much can’t go to Disneyland unless a blacked out day for APs (summer, christmas, etc.)

      I think APs should be an option for people, but they need to bump up the price to reflect their costs. Obviously they are an incredible value since so many people buy them. I would think Disney relies on a lot of AP money to keep things afloat, but it does come at the expense of the out of town guest IMO. Need to balance both some how.

  2. Geb Wolf

    Tried to get a reservation for the parks in Orlando and found that none were available for AP holders , but resort guest were as well as purchase tickets…thanks Disney

    1. michelle collier

      Exactly! They told me to book a room reservation or buy a day ticket if we wanted more availability. Yeah like you don’t already take $7000 a year from me for our 7 platinum plus tickets and Joe I get the equivalent of weekday select… that’s some bs

  3. Michele Hiley

    “even if a Guest were to attempt to buy an annual person at Guest Relations.”

    1. Chris

      This writer needs a proofreader! There were many mistakes.

  4. Lydia

    Okay but dvc member just got an email saying they could so which is it disney??

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