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  1. Davis

    3 guests got covid and 2 sections might closed due to sick cms maybe even full parks… its very sobering reality as a cm! No one knows whats safe anymore! My best to everyone esp those i know whom are sick!
    I am placing this here so guests at least know whats going on bc we all know disney doesnt really care but note as cms we do and why i am fyiing this here!

    1. Tom

      thanks davis! I’ll sleep a lot better tonight now! 🙂

    2. Concerned Cast Member

      I’ve worked Disney the last twenty years. This doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. I wonder how they’ll spin this.

    3. Cindy Caine

      I wish more people would listen to warning btw its not cast/team nor company fault you got sick… you risked stuff yes the companies didnt think holding off would be smart but disney is trying at least universal is still planning hhn in this and by fall who knows what the #s may be!?

      1. Not You obvs

        A 99.5% survivability rate…yeah lets continue to freak our.

      2. Rosie

        Not you apparently your not see how many more deaths there are we barely had any in fl and they go up daily! My neighbor is one of the cms in ? And she does have covid she didnt think much of it till others came in sick shes asymptomatic which makes you morons think survival is possible but w higher #s its not! So go tell your bs somewhere else… i thank davis for being concerned and letting us know. And my neighbor btw was one of many forced to return or else! Btw when you asymptomatic temperatures do not matter bc my neighbor has none!

        1. Tom

          This “deadly” virus has killed .008% of the worlds population, but you go ahead and continue to be scared. The CDC website shows the number of deaths has decreased everyweek since mid April. I’m really tired of people saying the numbers are going up. You can’t compare the number of new positives when the number of people being tested is not the same day after day.

    4. Jill

      Source, please? I’ve seen you make outlandish comments here several times so I’m not convinced this is true. Not saying it’s not – just wanting some facts.

      1. Ashley G

        Everybody will know soon enough. Common sense seems to dictate that if over the next couple of weeks news comes out that there are thousands of new virus cases related to DW re-opening, then we’ll know. BTW, has anybody heard of this being the case since Universal opened? I.e., that there are thousands or hundreds of cases related to THAT theme Park’s re-opening? Just wondering.

    5. Bailee Abell

      Hi, Davis! Thank you for commenting. But we’re concerned about the claims of Guests and CMs getting sick. Do you know this to be true?

      1. Janie

        Yes here too in dl thats why there is a delay… half of my batuuans over here are sick..
        2 are hospitalized please say a prayer! It wouldnt matter people are risking lives my friend is the military it affects the blood which in turn affects the heart! This is why there is no real survival rate! Just be safe follow directions and above all pray a vaccine is found or we are in deep… things no one wants to tell you one state already has strain too and its way worse then what we had… i do not know whats worse then a blood affecting virus!? Btw cindy hollywood has canceled hhn i am very surpised uo is being stupid! When will people understand lives are at stake! I saw this written elsewhere someone said “we are all so worried about the economy but if everyone dies there will be no economy anyway!” Thats the sad truth! But sure lets play God!

    6. Sad disney mommy

      I am someone whom came home and tested positive for covid! Ironically i day tripped to dak you think the outdoor park wouldnt be first to get hit… i was w my daughter shes worse than me and in hosp! Fingers crossed for us bc i can not go see my baby its truly the worst part stay safe everyone N anyone whom thinks its a joke tell that to any family suffering or had a family member die!

  2. SG

    It DOES NOT make me feel better that “it’s as safe at WDW as going to a restaurant! ” Going to a restaurant IS NOT SAFE! You are inside a building without your mask on because you are there to eat! This article makes me extremely uncomfortable about going to WDW now. Please governor, protect us from ourselves and do the right thing, close Florida down and pay all the unemployed until the cases are GONE – ZERO! People, going out to play IS NOT VITAL. Getting sick then making others sick is not ok.

  3. Thomas

    This article makes me kind of sad. Previous to March 15th I worked a Southern California attraction/hotel that floats. That has not reopened. I wanted to go to WDW, but could not get passholder preview or park pass for opening day. I had jury duty last week or I probably would have been there. Seems like Disney is doing all they can but it is a painful question if they should even be open right now. I went to a restaurant lately, Miss Knott’s being served outside and I felt it is impossible to keep the staff safe when they need to interact closely with diners without masks on. I only really feel safe when I am wearing a mask and so are the people around me. California has made it much easier to get unemployment than Florida. Also California has been more cautious in reopening. Perhaps WDW is too tempting for some people who would otherwise stay safer at home. Then I wonder about Universal Orlando which is trying to be very safe. I did go there and was impressed with all they were doing to keep guest safe. I have great sympathy for the cast members at WDW.

  4. Ashley G

    We returned home on Thursday morning from a 5 day trip in DW. Was very impressed with the safety protocols Disney put in place. We followed ALL protocols meticulously. But we did notice here and there that not everyone was paying attention to their social distancing. It WAS a different trip, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Oh, and so far, we are all ok (not exhibiting any signs of illness).

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