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  1. Catherine Vanderliet

    I’m excited for seeing Aladdin The musical On Disney Plus!!! When is Aladdin the musical coming to Disney Plus?

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    This is the worst musical disney has done why?
    Can someone please grab SIX its the #1 musical at the moment and everyone loves it would make any company as much as hamilton!

    1. Ali

      does disney own SIX?

      1. Lydia

        Disney does not own hamilton they bought the rights for like millions!!!! The point i think rebel is making is there are better shows and shows that are NOW then this! This would be a waste of money as much as it is a waste of space… frozen was a brilliant musical and closed this was a disaster of a musical right up there w ariel on heeleys! I would rather see frozen then this… this went bleh when they lost JMI to ham! If you want to invest in non ham lets go six or beetle!

        1. Astrid

          YES WE NEED SIX and honestly it would actually earn disney money but its a newer show so probably not but bj would be cool too

  3. Kelly

    Yes Aladdin should be on Disney + as well as lion king . It would be great to see the broadway play beauty and the best on there as well.

  4. Sam Goto

    i would like to see Disney Broadway Musicals on Disney +
    like Aladdin and lion king and Mary poppins and beauty and the beast . and the little mermaid . and Tarzan Frozen .

  5. Ali

    Mary Poppins!!!!

  6. Paul Alter

    New content is getting a bit slim as production has been shut down and Disney is trying to figure out what to release when and where. Would love to see this and other Broadway shows!

  7. Mark

    I hate people whom call musical… plays! There is a difference losers!

  8. Mary Ann C

    Oh yes please!!!!

  9. Rebecca

    This is stupid. They should put shows that aren’t currently running like : Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid or even Frozen. Not this. Why Disney? just why….

    1. Lydia

      Your missing aida which btw before all this craziness hit was readying a revival! That would be so awesome! Btw only 2 others you mentioned joined aida in the success pile…

  10. Amanda

    I would love to see Aladdin again. Also Mary Poppins, The Lion King, and Tarzan if that’s possible?

    I want to add Wicked and Hadestown as well please

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