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Walt Disney World crowds


  1. Lydia

    Bc half of us did not get an email we were promised and then the dates ended up just going on the app and experience wo notice and then lastly gave only a day or 2 when told 2 weeks so yes… maybe its bc we could not get in second maybe aps are pissed off too!

  2. Kelly Connerton

    Perhaps its also because Disney is treating the annual passholders like crap. They have taken away every single perk of being an annual passholder , They offer to cancel the ticket but how about allowing us to keep it and rebate a third of the cost to make up for loss of value.Not having the trams from the parking lot doesnt make sense either. That can be managed. Disney has had plenty of time to make this work and didnt.

  3. My wife and i are both AP holders but have no desire to visit Disney now with all the steps Disney has to do for safety even if receiving one of the ap review dates, those steps being mandatory masks, no parades, limited seating on attractions and dining, no character meetings and photos and the worst of no ending a perfect day with the best fireworks anywhere.

  4. Went to Disney on the tenth… they did a nice job on social distancing and cleaning. Everywhere you turned there were people’s wiping down surfaces…. there were no crowds and the only time we waited for a ride was when the stopped to clean it.
    We rode 15 rides in one day.

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