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Disney Kaepernick Deal




    1. Please remove me from your Inside the Magic subscription. Disney World has been on of my favorite places to travel. It will be my last visit as long as you continue to support hypocritical racism from groups that care more about profit than someones life than stupid demands and destroying the country. Are they going to force you to make Micky black now. 5 Million to support violence and race wars. I won’t spend money at your parks to give to them.Not all police or white people are racist,priviledge or bad. Visiting your parks used to represent a peaceful place for everyone. So much for Hamilton or liberty costumes in the square. #BLM and Colin Kaepernick wont stand for it. Maybe Dw can support their next violent riot. So much for being a safe place

      1. Toni

        He is black.

      2. Rose

        I totally agree! Why would Disney support someone so UNAMERICAN? I’m also finished with Disney. Used to be a great place… now… hah, what an insult to White Americans. Let’s see how that works out for you. Hope you’re happy Bob.

      3. Kris

        Ditto I stand with you.

    2. I agree Linda wright

  2. Wilburt Slabaugh

    Canceled my Disney Plus. I cannot support this decision.

    1. John Scarfi

      So a talentless washed up quarterback uses race to try and remain relevant and Disney falls for it. Shame on you all. You have been hijacked by a terrorist organization and played for fools. Never going back.

  3. I don’t know what he has to say but I’m very disappointed in Disney. Why get into all of this … I will be selling my stock in the company as it doesn’t fit my views. I will try to remember the old Disney!

  4. Christina

    Thank you for giving the underrepresented communities an outlet for their voices!

    1. Be Informed

      BLM is a Marxist, Communist political organization that has little to do with elevating anyone. In fact, it openly advocates the destruction and irrelevance of the nuclear family. Please, people, educate yourselves and READ. Kaepernick is a tool and I’m done with Disney. Why, oh why, does everything have to be politicized???

    2. Be Informed

      Underrepresented communities? Are you serious??? They are the most vocal group in America and for reasons that escape me …. the violence, looting, burning, and destruction of monuments to men who were beloved leaders IN THEIR TIME and who shaped this great country … is accepted. We just keep caving to the anarchists and the beast will never be satisfied.

      1. Deborah

        Into the trash any and ever Disney anything I have. They are donating to BLM which has shown no money is used to help any black person and they have 2 people in charge, one a convicted terrorist the other a convicted pedophile of a 2 yr old. Marxist terrorist organization. The idiot that took a knee can go kneel in traffic

    3. Kristin

      Are you kidding me!!! Educate yourself on BLM and their founders and cofounderd. They are Marxists, period and have nothing to do with what you believe it is. They are here for their own agenda, period. So the money you will be spending at THESE so-called theme parks will be used to advance their agenda of destroying America. For Disney to paint BLM on NBA courts is basically like painting a swastika on there. Educate yourself. Disney is a pawn being manipulated from within my friend.

  5. Greg

    Great. Let’s hold up all people that espouse killing cops, marxism, and general hatred, as heroes, only because of being in line with a current popular mantra. Way to alienate even more fans Disney.
    What you don’t seem to understand is that racism is indeed bad, but Kaepernick is worse. He is not the person to hold up and use to get behind this cause. Same issue with the Black Lives Matter organization.

  6. Jonathan A Bourdeau

    Liberty Square and Hall of Presidents is now on the chopping block. You do see this DFB, right? There is no end to this ridicules FAKE “systemic racism” nonsense. The fools and cowards fall prey once again. .02% of the population scream the loudest and destroy civilized society as we know it and the world has to pacify. WTF is Disney doing pandering to this trash?

    1. Be Informed

      Jonathan, your comment is brilliant and right on the money. I salute you.

  7. Paul Alter

    Thank you Disney, for not only doing this, but helping us identify all the racists subscribing to ITM.

    Looking forward to seeing the production.

    1. Greg

      Ha, I knew it wouldn’t be long before those that spoke out against Kaepernick or BLM would be labeled racists. That is what those who do not or are not able to have actual conversations revert to. As if not supporting someone who is (half)black automatically means your lack of support is based on race. I guess the many other blacks that don’t support him are racist as well.

      1. Paul Alter

        Coming from someone who writes, “espouse killing cops, marxism, and general hatred, as heroes”, you just make my point.

        It’s too bad Disney doesn’t allow you to wear your white hood in the park. Advertise your hate and wear a mask at the same time. How convenient that would be for you.

        1. Paul Alter-you are an idiot if can’t see #BLM are the biggest Racists. They preach nothing but hate and violence. If Black lives matter why are they organizing violent protests that are destroying their own communities (black or whites). How many black people are murdered by their own color? or the people killed in CHOP ? provoking and killing the police? burning the flag disrespects every veteran who has fought for OUR freedom, including the civil war. I know I am not a racist but I know if you believe in the hate they preach you are a blind hypocrite , Maybe they can burn the flag in Freedom (better change the name since #BLM doesnt like that word)Square or Colin Kaepernick can give a speak about white supremacy like the 4th of July. Where are your family values now Disney????

    2. Rose

      You’re not a true Patriot, just a puppet follower.

  8. Kristin

    You have now destroyed the image and reputation of a once great company and destination to escape the realities of the world. I’ve watched the destructive decision making for years but this sealed the deal that I will not be setting foot in your facilities ever again. So, when is the last day you will be flying the American flag on Main Street because that tyrant that you just signed won’t stand for it, literally!! You’ve caved at every turn by politicizing Disneyland by being politically correct with changing Pirates of the Caribbean and now Splash Mountain. Your new slogan is now “Disneyland the most politically correct place on earth.”. Shame on you!!

  9. Kristin

    PS Two more quick little tidbits. One, just watched that video that you showed to your employees. What about the other side of the coin. And like the one individual indicated their father would have raised them elsewhere. What is keeping people in the US that hate it so much and it’s history…Leave, move…it’s your God given right.
    Second, now I heard you want to take down the hanging man in Haunted Mansion. Great. What’s next the 7 Dwarfs? Shouldn’t it be the 7 Little People. Better get rid of the Robert E. Lee ship in Cali someone may loose their mind about that. Tom Sawyer’s Island ah-oh that screams racism. Jungle Cruise is on the chopping block. The castle that is straight up white privilege. Need I go on. Why don’t you just bulldoze the parks now. Knott’s Berry Farm here we all come…and cheaper!!

    1. Be Informed

      Kristin, you’re beautiful!! Bravo!

      1. tammy

        Does anyone know that it was racist white parents that adopted the half white half black Kaepernick? Obviously his white mother was racist too, right? I mean she had a child with a black man. Oh the racism is rapid. Years ago Kaepernick applauded the 4th of july and sent a tweet telling everyone happy 4th, now? Now he’s speaking out about being black and lack of opportunities when he had a 20 million dollar salary and lives in what kind of house? This is absurd. Instead of preaching hatred, acting out against the very race that adopted him, helped him rise to the NFL, guided him in life, basically spitting in the faces of the very white family that on purpose adopted a black child to give him opportunity, he could have taken the opportunity to take the alternate approach of teaching if you work hard you can succeed, that obviously the entire white race is not racist, is the entire black race racist? His platform could have been used to help fuse instead helping to rip this country farther apart. There is racism in every race and if this is not proof of it I don’t know how in your face it can be proven. Shame on you Disney for promoting racism rather than be a platform for change and a POSITIVE movement. Instead you are assisting with tearing our country apart. There wasn’t anyone else you could have teamed up with to help mend this mess? Yes, I said it, this mess!!!!! If people weren’t racist before, the looting, very public hatred displayed to total strangers for everything from saying happy 4th to saying let’s help all lives matter has done the job. Bring about police reform but defund the police, lets include all races but white people specifically are targeted racist. The hatred stops with the movement, there are better ways to bring peace and unity than by creating more division. So so sad. Cancelling disney channel that I’m actually getting for free now and will never renew my annual passes. Truly could have participated with someone more respectful and respectable than Kaepernick!!!

    2. Diane

      Amen sister! I am in total agreement. my family and I plan not to back……EVER!!

  10. Karen

    I am no longer going to give Disney one penny. To support a man like this shows me what direction Disney is headed and I don’t want anything to do with it.

  11. Sally

    Remember BLM’S main chant “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon. Disney, you have lost your mind!

  12. Paul Alter

    I love all the people who keep saying, “not one more dime to Disney! I’m never going back!”

    The next time I go to one of the parks think of all the people I won’t have to deal with. Thank yuh. Thank yuh vurry much.

    1. Dale

      I’m sure you’re a barrel of fun for the rest of your party going to a park full of attractions that I’m sure you find offensive, but enjoy!

  13. Jay Allen

    So C.K. your true colors are showing.
    Not making $ at football….why not a big fat check for your docuseries. Wonder what your “constituents “think in MN. Sold out?

  14. Gencha

    Kristin – don’t forget the Hall of Presidents and then there is the Walt Disney statue that will come down, too. I can hear other things toppling along with the stock value and attendance once this gets out.

  15. Justin

    Can’t believe how stupid Disney is being. Crappernik is trash as a whole and you should quickly rethink your position on a documentary.

  16. BluePeace

    I have been a Disney fan since a young boy. It took me out of reality of the cruelty of the world. I then honored my faith and belief aligned with Disney with Family values not political values. Also founder Walt Disney was a patriot and a true follower of the American Dream and in America, very Pro-America. This deal with an Anti-American believer, who makes millions in America talking against America and it’s system is now making Millions from a company that use to take pride in its Veterans, America and Police who fight against criminals and the liberty of the weak and victims of predators. Colin Kaepernick supports BLM movement which is a politically motivated and has done more harm for black lives who do matter like children. It is so sad and erroneous for Disney to align itself with a liar. A person of privilege who has not seen any brutality but what he causes himself. And Disney will be making movies vilifying white people or any lighter skinned person and vilifying America and vilifying the police. Disney and it’s board have just ruined what it stand for. You are who you align your ideas along with and who you associate. Great to know Disney is Anti-American, Anti-Police.

  17. Mickey

    This is so sad! I am so disappointed in Disney! Disney is supposed to be for children. It’s supposed to be magic. Disney, you have caved. Everything I thought and believed in in Disney was a lie. Can’t any company stand strong? My Disney+ is canceled. I won’t be taking my kids and grandkids back to your parks. Good, saves me a lot of money! All of the people you have held up as heroes in the past and now Beyonce and Kaepernick! What is your message here Disney? Are you Marxists too?

  18. Angie M Weems

    Disney breaking my heart! I have lost so much respect for this company over this decision. Remember when Disney was fun and not political? I’m glad I got to experience it before the powers that be is tarnishing it by removing or replacing the attractions Walt envisioned and using stupid Kapernick to promote his hate!!

  19. Jeff D

    So Disney is supporting terrorists now…..
    Never going back

  20. Jay

    Another bad choice made by current Disney executives. You should be ashamed for not leaving politics outside the Disney organization and supporting the very racism you say your against.

  21. BGK

    Sold my stock today. Disney is making the Kool-Aid

  22. Kimberly M Boyer

    I cancelled my vacation in Sept and my annual passes.

  23. Kimberly M Boyer

    I cancelled my vacation in Sept and my annual passes. Disney use to be magical. It use to be a place where everyone one was welcome. No longer do I feel welcome. I come from a military family. I also retired law enforcement. No more Disney for my family.

  24. Gail VanValkenburgh

    Well Disney you are setting a fine example for the youth of America. You sign a self appointed “activist” to represent your company. Children today have enough confusion and distrust in their lives. By destroying most of what brought pleasure to children to satisfy the desire to disrespect the past 400 years of American History, you have succeeded in playing into the hands of the minority of people that think hate is the way to lead in this country.
    Bravo Disney!!!!

  25. Patricia

    Will not watch Disney channel and will not renew my subscription service

  26. Tammy

    Can you say BIG trip to Florida for the grandkids!!
    Oh, but now we get to go and spend the week and our money at Universal!
    We just cannot spend our money with Disney as we do NOT support their decisions in this matter.
    As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Huge!”

  27. Toni

    I love love love how these people don’t know the definition of Communism or Marxism. And news flash you do not know the definition of racism either. Look it up. In related news I promise you that if you stop going to Disney not one soul will miss you. Certainly Disney won’t. Just like Nike didn’t. Just like Netflix didn’t when y’all ignorant bigots swore you would cancel your subscriptions when the Obamas made their mega million deal. You realize don’t you that the Walt Disney World company makes less than 10% of the companies profits on Disney World Theme Park admissions. And only about 30% of that money comes from domestic ticket sales. Smh. I honestly kinda feel sorry for you people. Your relegation to irrelevance must be a painful revelation. Crawl back under the rocks you came from. The world is changing in dramatic and positive ways. I for one can not wait until people like you are relics of the past. Just like that rebel flag and Jim Crow. Bravo Disney for continuing to honor your pledge of “drawing creativity through diversity” and recognizing a true American hero whose selfless sacrifice sparked a revolution.

    1. M.j.

      Lol hero! BAAAAHHAHAHAHA!

    2. Donna

      Toni, have you lost your mind?!! This man is a piece of garbage and deserves to be treated as such. Disney really blew it with this idiotic decision!

  28. M.j.

    Clown shoes Colin lol
    That dude can barely speak a complete sentence. Funny he only started taking a knee after he was benched. He’s fake, just trying to cash in and Disney’s buying.
    Gotta love racist millionaires crying how they’re being kept down by the white man, it brings they’re b.s. and hypocrisy right out in the open for all to see.

  29. Donna

    I will not be returning to Disney World if this actually happens! Colin Kapernick is the biggest piece of garbage to walk the face of the earth. He represents hate and has shown total disrespect for our country. For Disney to give this man any sort of attention is reprehensible. I seriously think the people running Disney right now have lost their mind. First Beyoncé (another piece of garbage) and now Colin. Get a clue for Christ’s sake!

  30. Sharon

    Disney has become a major disappointment!! The people running it only care about lining their own pockets. “Guests” don’t count, especially since there are no “Disneys” involved in running the Disney Company since Roy died. Then all the “Gold-diggers” on the Board went crazy. There are other more welcoming, more American parks to play in. Get your act together, Disney, or another company will get my money. This latest garbage is how you’ve repayed all my years of loyalty!!! ? ?this is me waving goodbye

  31. Just received my annual pass refund in full since i renewed it at the beginning of 2020 but never had a chance to use it because of the march closing, so thanks Disney for that but no thanks for changing my favorite ride splash mountain in the near future and for the hiring of Kappernick who kneels for the national anthem and our flag, it would hurt me too much to attend the flag ceremony at 5:15 at magic kingdom and to watch guests kneeling during that inspiring ceremony with a veteran marching up main street with the flag that i will not be visiting Disney anymore period.

  32. Gary

    i e been loyal to Disney since ‘77…over 26 trips, not any more, we are done…..thanks for the memories….if you decide to jump off that wrong way bandwagon, we …..might……. reconsider.

  33. Julia

    Wow. So many so afraid of diversity in the media. Funny how people throw around their freedoms being taken away or violated at any little thing sure do change direction when someone that doesn’t look or think just like them starts talking. America isn’t about freedoms for only a certain percentage of the population. And those throwing around terms such as Communism and Marxism should really look up those definitions, because none of what is being labeled as such are examples of either one.

    1. Wilburt

      “any little thing” sounds very similar, “some people did something”. I served over 20 years in the military (Army) and disrespecting the flag is not a “little thing”.

  34. Shell

    I was more upset with them doing a show with Michael Vick after all his animal abuse. Why no outcry on that? Supporting someone that actual found pleasure in hurting defenseless animals is way worse in my opinion.

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