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  1. Jane

    Jes, they is

  2. Price

    Big Changes I want to see (at some point) in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    1. The Roaming Aliens and Droids
    2. Additional missions to Smugglers run
    3. The three festivals (Black Spire day, (May The 4th) The Batuuan Harvest Festival (Halloween/Autum) and Life Day Christmas)) mentioned in The Traveler’s Guide book
    4. A third ride

    as for a second Cantina eh I can live without it, I think GE has plenty of food & drink options.

  3. SG

    The more the merrier! But crowd control is still needed. Even when the virus is gone I’d like to keep the reservation system and the lower capacity. Park hopping is fun but we only go to two a day, otherwise you’re just travelling all day. So why not add a two parks a day park hop with reservations?!

  4. Edlanier Nieves

    I said from the beginning the roaming droids weren’t gonna happen. They also announced roaming drink droids and that never happened. The current drink carts were supposed to be the very droids roaming around.
    The show that was supposed to go on by the droid depot never happened. They should always have storm troopers on building tops that were meant for the shows but never happened. Now its used to have characters out to see for social distancing.

    And honestly Disney shot themselves in the foot to listen to Kathleen Kennedy. I understand the partial reasoning why both parks got the same exact thing but they shouldve put the prequels in one park and the sequels in another to really boost the need to visit both parks. Instead they got lazy. You can definitely see on Rise where things look like they couldve been pulled straight out of Clone Wars. Couldve gotten away with it like Dinosaur and Indy. Same track layout but vastly different. Kathleen Killed the franchise and Iger went with it. Cannot fault the man too much he has done a lot. I am curious to know why he ultimately did what they did and not separate the two parks from prequels to sequels.

  5. EricJ

    Also, according to the rumor ether, the Galactic Starcruiser may not be “dead” after all–
    No confirmation, but construction permits may have been recently filed earlier this month for two of Disney’s interior-theming companies…IF you can believe the YouTubers.

  6. Sean

    They should add stormtroopers and more droids and on may 4 they should have star wars day as well

  7. Matt Brewster

    I never understood why the two SW:GE instillations are identical! While it kept costs down, it also means that fans only need to visit one of them. If each version was expanded differently- even slightly- then all Diz and SW fans would be sure to visit both of them!

    1. Dragonrider1227

      I think because they know not everyone CAN travel across the country to see both versions so they make sure everyone no matter what side of the country they’re on can get the same experience.

  8. Ken

    Disney blew it when the didn’t include anything from the first 6 movies and only the garbage they fed us once they bought Star Wars. I have watched plenty of videos of the land and I am not impressed and it’s not making me want to visit.

    1. lydia

      bc thats what star tours is for…. batuu was brought in to be its own thing! Right now its attached to the new movies bc unlike you many people like em and only one ride is dedicated falcon is w the rebels fan base! And it also has its own story but of course i am sure your too snarky to read a book!

  9. Trevor Thomas

    I have been to the one at Disney World and I absolutely loved it as a Star Wars fan from 77 and on my whole life. That being said I agree there needs to be some additions and definitely need to include pre Disney era Star Wars to include those of us that have loved this franchise for over forty years. Please quit crapping on us .

  10. Kathy

    Make it better I was very dissatisfied

  11. Hannah

    Here’s the biggest problem: Disneyland is very limited on space. The area used for Galaxy’s Edge used to be where all of the park animals were kept. There is zero space to expand any further than they already have. But WDW has literally a whole city’s worth of space.
    Also, I’d like to add that Disney is trying to create an immersive experience that would be ruined if you mixed prequel, original, and sequel characters and content. Obviously there are characters separated by multiple generations, and most of them have been killed off. Batuu is meant to be frozen in time between episode 8 and 9. And also, considering the tragic death of Carrie Fischer, it would be in poor taste to have princess Leia as a character meet up. And you can’t have Finn, Poe, and Rey together because you don’t really see the trio together until episode 9. So all that leaves you is Rey, Kylo, and Chewie. Which is exactly what Galaxys Edge has. When you stop and think about it, this is Disney’s best option. But I understand the deep desire to see every character, and have every era represented.

  12. janie

    from someone whom works on batuu please stop craping on us we are very happy here! Here star wars could live on forever! 2nd disney always evolves so it will too! Besides you do not like it hate to break but regards to the crowds i seen in dl forget wdw your in a very small minority of concern …. so bright suns to you and take your pity party somewhere else!

    1. Price

      Preach it Janie!

  13. StarwarsFan

    They really need various aliens and droids meandering about. I would like to see Disney World take advantage of the terrain there and build a World Between Worlds inspired corridor within the park to serve as a transitional gateway leading to smaller gateways into new Star Wars attractions. They could each be based in different timelines or worlds within the Saga, such as Cloud City attraction, a Tattoine land with a Pod Racer attraction, etc. You could have Darth Vader exist here and even Luke, Leia and Han. That way it would cater more to a larger demographic.

  14. Dragonrider1227

    the only addition I want to see is an OT retheme like the imagineers originally intended it. Though I would settle for Star Wars Weekends style events where they temporarily suspend the fixed timeline to bring as many characters as possible out.

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