Comments for Should Disney Cast Members Get ‘Smart Rings’ to Spot Illness?

Oura Smart Rings Disney World Cast Members


  1. Stanwee

    That is a great idea it protects them and helps us also

  2. Chris

    Actually, I think this has benefits all the way around with or without COVID and would make places like the parks safer by catching when people are sick sooner. For example, you might not notice a change in body temperature that may indicate you are getting sick, especially if say you are working outdoors and this could alert you to that earlier, taking early action could save others from exposure to whatever you are coming down with.

  3. michelle collier

    I think that’s a great idea but dislike how the NBA is keeping their staff safe , yet Disney who expects their staff to cater hand and foot to them , doesn’t want to go the extra mile to protect their staff.

    1. J Barnes

      At $300 a piece, only the NBA and the other big sports franchises can afford them. Until they go down in price, there is no way Fisney can really afford them right now.

  4. Mike

    Disney is avoiding actual testing of employees and would avoid having such a rind as well because they need people working in the parks and if 30-40% of CMs test or show signs and have to stay home for 2 weeks they wont have enough employees available and would have to start recalling PT team members.

    1. Seriously? You actually think that DISNEY is intentionally not caring for it’s Castmembers??!! Free testing is everywhere, Ask 5 million people that lost/laid-off their job and see how many were paid for that length of time by the company they work for, WITH benefits? It’s a ridiculous statement without merit.

  5. Paul Alter

    What I keep hoping for is several watches and bands, like Apple Watch, some FitBits, etc, already have the physical technology to do the same thing as this ring. But so far none of them have put together the software to make it happen. Lots of folks already have these and, if proven accurate enough, could be a big help.

  6. Donna

    Well…..I think this is a scam. REALLY, would just wearing a ring alert you to an upcoming illness? The first indication you talk about is temperature? Doesn’t body temp increase in when you are exerting yourself (playing basketball) or in hot temperatures For extended periods of time (working outdoors in Florida). Seems to be another way to induce Panic.

  7. Melanie Durham

    I think it’s a fantastic idea! I cannot wait until it’s affordable for the rest of us!

  8. Jackie L Fleenor


    It should be part of their uniform, badge, and ring. They should have to report if lost or stolen. Then if they resign their position they should have to return it just like any keys, badges, uniforms, etc.

  9. Janie

    Most folks are asymptomatic aka no temps and only gets cold symptoms so no it will not work just like if you do not follow all rules… i think 6ft and hand washing benifits the most! How you can tell is colds fevers etc will go away w tylenol this will not it actually masks it! Its a blood virus and affects bodily functions why its affects taste and breathing. A ring is like saying the mask is going to save you lol!

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