Comments for As Parks Re-Open, Cast Members Show Concern With Pandemic Spikes

cast members


  1. jasonbres

    Yes. Yes I do.

  2. michelle collier

    What cracks me up is the tourists who will tell you in a heartbeat they are entitled to a vacation during the pandemic…. only in the US are people so self absorbed…….we live in local Disney community and have many relatives and friends who work for the Mouse and have no choice but return to work. Yet, tourists will say , “oh I spoke with CM’s and they are so happy to be back “ , sure like they are going to tell a paying guest to go home … smh

    1. Kris

      It’s amazing the number of workers out there who don’t want to go back to work for one reason or another yet still expect to get paid . . . entitled much?

      1. Christa

        There is no perfect solution to this problem, but I disagree with you. I think it is perfectly reasonable for workers to not want to go back yet. There is a deadly pandemic right now. Not only can covid kill you (even young people, so don’t think it won’t kill you if it hits you just because you may be young or fit or whatever), but it also can leave survivors with lifelong damage to lungs, etc. Then, there’s the spread of it to other people, who might be more vulnerable than you are. Everyone surely has someone in their life they wouldn’t want to see die.
        Think of them and be compassionate! Cases in my area are 4 times what they were in March when we “had to shut down for safety.” I just don’t understand how it can possibly compute that now is the right time to open non-essential things like amusement parks, movie theaters, etc. The business want to make money. Period. They do not care about their workers or their customers, frankly. It is up to us, the consumers and the workers to make a statement. Think back in the day to when factories were first created. They were terrible, crowded, un-ventilated, sweat shop places to work. It wasn’t until workers united and pushed back with labor unions that changes started to be made- 8 hour work day, no child labor, etc. To defeat this virus, we must all come together in compassion and peace to figure out a solution that helps everyone.

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