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Disney World Attraction changes


  1. Sherri

    I understand that certain restrictions are in place. I do not feel that I can get the full magical experience like this, thus I will be waiting to reschedule my visit to the happiest place on earth. I just hope it returns to normal soon.

  2. suzieq

    I am honestly thankful for the precautions and care Disney is taking to protect their guests, as well as their castmembers. I feel much more at ease and less hesitant to take our December trip with these measures in place … THANK YOU WDW!!!

  3. ell mcgee

    Can we not ESCAPE from the madness of the real world and just have some fun in a fantasy world? These barriers are just a constant reminder of the insanity going on out the Magic Kingdom. It’s not like WDW was a sterile environment before COVID. Remember measles in California a few years ago? If you are scared of germs, stay home.

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