Comments for Disney’s Carousel of Progress Closed for Unknown Reasons

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress


  1. lydia

    alot of tomorrowland runs on the same system i been there and i have seen all of tomorrow thats on that grid go down the rest stay up w the park! I think cofp is w tta also so it makes sense.

  2. Darth Updates

    More likely, when it re-opens, it will be properly recast with an all African-American family that will recount the hardships and struggles of minorities in the United States through the last century.

    This would be a very fitting and respectable change. The new theme song could be the classic, “Everybody has a Laughing Place.”

  3. Roger Stevens

    Better not rename or change anything. Keep those trouble makers away.

  4. Brandon

    They are probably assessing anything that could be misconstrued as offensive.
    Getting ahead of the curve before the riots break down their gates demanding the Carousel of Progress be Canceled.

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