Comments for Work Out Like MCU Superhero ‘Captain Marvel’

captain marvel


  1. EricJ

    “Annnd: One, and two, and PUNCH in face!
    Okay, gals, let’s work on those Gender-Paranoia warmups–Everyone got their cardboard cutout of duplicitously betraying male-chauvinist villains up, ready to underestimate you?…Annd: BLAST with left laser fist, then the right! Don’t forget the witheringly reverse-sexist pro-sisterhood homily!”

    1. Matt

      Ya, women really enjoy internet sarcasm, being talked down to, and general Trollery.

      I’m sure you are immensely popular in real life. LOL

      1. rebel orange bird

        ditto matt ditto

      2. EricJ

        If women genuinely think Cap is “empowerment” and “cultural validation” because They Finally Got a Real Marvel Character Of Their Own, and she beats up people who try to hold her back, I can GUARANTEE they have no problem with being talked down to.
        Especially when it’s female fans and directors doing most of the talking.

        (And just for comparison, about socially over-validated Marvel movies by new “fans” who’d never read a comic book in their lives, my only white complaint about “Black Panther”, was that it just wasn’t as GOOD as his bit in “Civil War”.)

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