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Cancel Hamilton Disney Plus


  1. Lydia

    Can we talk about how so many people and their smart mouths comment about something before watching it…. whats next take down american adventure bc it shows how america started etc the good and bad wait just like hamilton. If anything it should be a lesson for the kiddos to do whats wrong and right the wrongs this is our history we CAN NOT go backwards bc few people are pissed while millions love the show enough to start a petition to trade out hop or aa to put it at wdw! Some people need to find out how harmful a voice is as well as how strong it could be! Again another great pt hamilton as a show makes!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      And to add lydia ham is still laughing all the way to the bank w all the money it makes! You can not change history you just need to make our future better!

      1. If they stood on the street corner and tossed $20 gold pieces into the air they would try to get them arrested for littering – total idiots

    2. John Scarfi

      Every day the uneducated mob has another ignorant knee jerk reaction. Apparently our education system failed several generation’s of our youth. History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is for you to LEARN from. Get started.

  2. JD

    Better suggestion, let’s get #cancelcancelculture to trend. This overly offended generation needs to grow a backbone.

    1. Day

      I’ve never seen Hamilton before. I put it on and OMG! I LOVED IT!

      I’m hoping that Disney plus won’t cancel it.

      Folks at #cancelculture should mind their own business. You don’t like it? DON’T WATCH IT!

      1. Rachel

        I have not seen this musical (although I do have Disney+) people will get offended by anything and everything. In order to not repeat history, we MUST understand it. Get a life and a backbone!

  3. Matt

    I’m getting tired of this website featuring soooooo many articles about – cancel this, cancel that…
    -article after article about splash mountain
    -articles about other rides, whether they should change or not..
    -whether Out should be on Disney + or not…

    I know that there is less park news with quarantine, but it seems like lazy writing, and just opens the door to really polarizing, and sometimes really nasty comments in the comment section.

    1. Tony Barreto

      I totally agree. And that is why I read it less and less, it is becoming boring to deal with all these articles.

      1. Donna

        Enough already, this is beyond ridiculous! We cannot change history, it is what it is. If Disney takes this down, I’m done with Disney forever.

  4. Stephanus Surjaputra

    Might as well burn the history books too since it tells it like it is. Like Lydia said, how can you teach what’s right and wrong if you can’t show what’s wrong.

  5. Vinette

    Can’t change history. It is what it is. The good, the bad, & the ugly.
    If you don’t like Hamilton because it offends you THEN DONT WATCH IT!
    Slavery happened period. There’s no fixing it now & none of us were alive then to participate in it. Time to pull up your big girl panties people & stop whining 🙄

  6. Sequoia

    people are too sensitive these days. i am in no way justifying the founding fathers actions but people need to understand that many people that created american history messed up. martin luther king jr. had affairs, washington owned slaves, our founding fathers and people that made america what it is today were above all people. slavery is awful. it is truly such a wrong thing i would never think otherwise. but people need to understand that this is a broadway musical. there isn’t anything in the actual musical that is wildly racist. sure, the founding fathers ultimately weren’t good people but this musical is mainly to show how america came to be in the eyes of a founding father that was overlooked before the musical came out. this musical wasn’t made to focus on the slavery part of america’s story. in fact it actually talks about many people trying to make an end to slavery. so please, just enjoy the amazing music and lyrics that Lin Manuel Miranda has wrote.

    1. Sheila

      One part of your comment was like nails on the chalkboard…”the founding fathers ultimately weren’t good people”…they were good people in THEIR time in history. If the entire norm was to “hire” slaves at that time, they were practicing the norm, not terrible renegades. You have to put it in context of those days, not on today’s standards. They were working their tails off to form this amazing country.

  7. Patty

    You judge people based on the culture in which they lived.
    Watch the musical “1776.” Half of the people who signed the Declaration wanted to include the abolition of slavery. But those in the south wanted to maintain their “peculiar” culture. John Dickinson vowed they would vote no on the passage of the Declaration if the north insisted on abolishing slavery. There was no way they could accomplish both goals at the same time. They got their country and left abolition to Lincoln. We would still be British citizens if John Adams has continued to insist on abolition.
    Don’t judge the past without knowledge or on the basis of our current culture. Just do better now.
    Hamilton is a wonderful way to teach the young about our history. Don’t end its access!!
    Lin Manuel – don’t cave in to the nay-sayers! We love you!! Do the right thing!!

    1. Janet M Barnes

      You are forgetting one thing, only 3% of the Southerns actually owned slaves.

  8. Paulie

    If you don’t want to watch it you have 2 options:
    1- don’t play it
    2- cancel subscription
    Simple isn’t it?

  9. Stephen

    Sorry. No. Erasing the Confederacy is one thing but not the whole of American history. Yes, most Founding Fathers were slave owners. They were flawed. You can’t look back at 1776 through the lenses of 2020. As for the Confederacy: they lost the war. Losers don’t get monuments.

    1. Silas Dogood

      You’re the epitome of the cancel culture problem…

      you can’t erase this history cause I like it, but you can erase this part cause it offends me…

      1. LZ

        You’re literally the problem in this country – you didn’t comprehend anything Stephen said.

        1. Silas again

          No, I did—he wants to erase “the confederacy” cause “bad history”, “losers”…but the cool slave owners who have been put to music we can keep cause it’s a really catchy beat and I can sing to it.

          I can observe all facets of history and make my decisions on good or bad with out tearing things down.

          The weak and myopic views that tear down cause they are offended are the problem.

    2. prince charming

      I guess we are going to have to tear down the vietnam memorial wall since we lost the war!

    3. Tracy Goode

      Last I heard, 49% was not “most.”

      But, then, I had math when they actually taught it.

  10. emc

    I’m also tired of the cancel (If no one sees it it didn’t happen) culture.
    Who is it that is sitting around looking for things to cancel, tear down and burn?

  11. Dan Cozby

    Hamilton is freaking awesome…
    You cannot change history and it is told in Hamilton from the writers point of view.

  12. Dan

    Hamilton is freaking awesome…
    You cannot change history and it is told in Hamilton from the writers point of view.

  13. TacoCat

    What’s next? Burn The Constitution because some people don’t like it?
    History is history. It has already happened. You can’t erase it. You can only change the present and make it better. Learn from mistakes and better yourselves.

  14. SG

    This article made me feel guilty about enjoying, no loving, Hamilton! I agree with y’all, let’s get a grip. I’m glad it’s created & acted by a majority people of color, they must be ok with it.

  15. Tie Echelon Pilot

    The “time out” generation has grown up, and is so easily offended by EVERYTHING, they want to cancel it.

    They can cancel themselves, because how is it that WE are responsible, now, for what happened 150+ years ago?

    Yes, slavery was bad, but there were also free blacks that owned slaves, and that’s not widely discussed. These kids don’t even know the true history of the slave trade in Africa.

    They also need to stop whining over wanting things to change at Disney, to appease their fragile feelings. If they don’t like it, don’t go to the parks, but don’t ruin rides and experiences that WE grew up and had no problems with.

    Insofar as Hamilton, I have no desire to watch it, but I’m not canceling my subscription. There’s other programs/ movies/ classics I can enjoy, instead. It’s called moving past something that doesn’t interest me.

  16. EricJ

    Daily Mail?…So, we’ve got BRITISH people complaining about a Revolutionary War musical?

    (Me, I’m glad we’re watching heterosexual Broadway musicals again, but I started giggling when Lin tried to find rap-rhymes for “Bayonets”, and officially checked out when Thomas Jefferson started imitating Morris Day & the Time.)

  17. Garry

    I am not a big musical fan, but I watched Hamilton with my girlfriend this past weekend it was outstanding! I do not see why can’t people just watch it and enjoy it I found nothing derogatory or racist in it!

    1. EricJ

      Not even the Extremely White King George?

  18. Kmatt

    This is play about the revolutionary war and the players involved. It’s not glorifying any slave owners. There are several references of how bad there slave owners are. #disney better not bow to this latest of irrational ravings. If they are happy here find a new home in the world better suited to their tender minds. Agree more needs to be done to highlight the amazing accomplishments of African Americans in the building of this nation along with those of all races. But this is not a solution. If offended don’t watch.

  19. Jay

    This is a great show and they should keep it available. Keep up the support because the same vocal minority has Disney planning to re-theme Splash Mountain even after they have already removed all offensive content from that attraction. Let all stand against these changes together.

  20. Anne

    I absolutely loved Hamilton! Please don’t remove it! The talent and story telling was fantastic!

  21. Jonathan

    Can we please #CANCEL the cancel culture? This is getting ridiculous! Somebody has way too much time on their hands when they are going back and nitpicking movies, cartoons, T.V., etc. that contain racial stereotypes that were made well over 50-70 years ago. Kids watching these media have no clue about what a racial stereotype is unless their caregivers bring attention to it and make a big deal over it. And now they want to cancel Hamilton because he and some of the other founding fathers owned slaves? Slavery was awful and so is racism, but get real and get a life and quit starting your stupid hashtag campaigns to remove anything that may offend you. I don’t see anybody raising a stink over Christian, white stereotypes in mainstream media. I don’t plan on watching Hamilton because I hate musicals in general, not because of racism or the glorification of slavery (which from what I understand doesn’t even show up in Hamilton).

  22. You can’t judge 19th century people by twent-first century standards – again -total idiots

  23. Richard Bursch

    So let me get this straight. Those that think they are morally superior to the rest of us are angry about a loosely recited story, set to contemporary music, is played by people that are of a different ethnicity than the original characters and want it censored and removed from circulation. That’s Rich!!! Now politicians are using the #cancelculture to further their agenda as they bow to the vocal, violent minority. This only emboldens this type of protest. You have the right to protest in large part due to the sacrifice (threat of death for treason to the crown is a far greater sacrifice than looting the local Bestbuy) of the founding fathers of this great country. Protest is to have your voice heard and start a discussion, not assume the protest is the discussion. If you don’t speak up, this minority will write your future by acting as viciously as those they are trying to erase from our history.

  24. Cindy Lovin

    This cancellation trend will never gain traction— nor should it !! Watched it 2 weeks ago w/friends— awesome production..love love loved it !!! A totally classy performance !!

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