Comments for More California Closures May Delay Disneyland Reopening

Disneyland Delay

Disneyland Delay


  1. Jill

    So is Newsom closing HIS winery this time?

  2. Paul Alter

    It looks like Disney’s policies, both US and global, are being determined by the government policies. If national, state or local governments say it’s ok to open, it’s ok. If not, then they close as dictated by the governments.

    I can see why they do that. But got to admit that doesn’t give me confidence in Disney’s approach. In the US, it’s not very science based and very much at the whims of individual states and localities.

    As much as I’m in serious need of a Disney fix, obviously I’m not going to be one of those going to the parks until the virus is truly under control (unlikely to happen) or there’s a vaccine (hopeful it will happen soon).

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