Comments for You Can’t Shop The Minnie Mouse Collection

minnie mouse collection suspended


  1. Jacklyn

    I collect all the pins I would love to have the whole collection

    Please and thank you ?

  2. Michelle D

    I think there is more to this than merely the website. I ordered one each of the 3 Starbucks Star Wars mugs on May 4th (after a LOT of effort!). Still have not received any and yesterday got an email the Hoth mug has been pulled from my order and will not ship. (and eBay sellers have THAT ONE MUG for about $200 now!) I suspect their manufacturing plants in China are having issues with production and customs so the actual count of merchandise items that can be sold may not actually be available.

  3. Erin

    I hope they consider going back to March and rereleasing some items. I have been having issues since then. Very frustrating. I was going to give up, sell my collection, and just not collect any longer. It isn’t worth the hassle.

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