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minnie mouse collection suspended

Quietly listed at the top of the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction page on shopDisney, there’s an official update about the Minnie Mouse Collection for the remainder of the year. “Minnie Will Return Soon: Minnie has headed on summer vacation! Stay tuned and check back right here for the upcoming releases of Series 6 through 12. You won’t miss a thing as you build your magical collection.”

Disney merchandise fans are hoping that shopDisney is finally going to fix the limited edition release issue that has been plaguing shoppers.

In January of 2020, we started to get peeks of the limited edition Minnie Mouse collection, inspired by theme park attractions that we know and love in the Disney Parks. By the time the February collection was unveiled, we had pricing on the Loungefly items, pins, mugs, and plushes. But then disaster started to hit.

Shoppers logging on to shopDisney precisely at release time hit waiting rooms, self-emptying carts, login issues, and more. Bots and moles successfully wiped out portions of merchandise while shopDisney attempted to double charge (or more) shoppers for attempted checkouts. By the time the Enchanted Tiki Room Collection for May came, Minnie Mouse fans were extremely frustrated, filling Twitter with complaints. They were exasperated, watching their carts empty and eBay listings fill up for 3 and 4 times the original price. Something had to be done.

Minnie Mouse collection suspended

Minnie Mouse Collection is Suspended

When calling the shopDisney helpline in the United States, we spoke with Dina, who looked up the status of the collection. Indeed, Minnie Mouse is on hold until further notice, which means we won’t be shopping this Saturday for the Peter Pan’s Flight Minnie collection (collection 6), nor will we be checking out July 18th for the newest King Arthur’s Carousel items (Collection 7). the shopDisney Cast Member recommended that we keep an eye on the website (especially the header for updating news) about when Minnie may return.

july 2020 minnie mouse king arthur carousel
Credit: shopDisney

Below the announcement, the shopping options have been removed and instead are COMING SOON listings for new collections and icons for collections yet to be revealed.

It’s interesting to note that King Arthur’s Carousel was the first collection to debut strictly on the shopDisney website and not on social media. shopDisney’s Facebook feed was typically the first to show us sneak peeks for merchandise, along with a shopping date.

While we wait for future collections to resume at the iconic store, we must hope that the checkout bugs and shopping process will indeed become as easy as getting Taylor Swift tickets and not harder to purchase than well…. a Minnie Mouse Loungefly bag.

Which collection items do you collect, or which collection were you waiting for? Leave us a comment below. 

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