shopDisney Double Charges on Minnie Mouse Merchandise Purchases

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shopdisney doube charge

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Disney fans were recently charged twice when they tried to purchase new Minnie Mouse merchandise on the shopDisney website.

Many Disney fans are super excited about every third Saturday of the month for the entire 2020 year, because it marks the day shopDisney launches a new themed Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection.  January was Space Mountain, February was Pirates of the Caribbean, March was Mad Tea Party, and April, this month, is it’s a small world.  As it’s a small world is my favorite Disneyland Resort attraction because it reminds me of my family, I prepped myself early this past Saturday, April 18th for the purchase.

Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction February Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: shopDisney

Past Months

Because each month’s collection is a limited-time release, many Disney merchandise shoppers flood the shopDisney website and app for the new products each month.  In the past months, shoppers have waited as long as 45 minutes to an hour to complete their purchase. This can happen with the launch of popular concert or event tickets, and it can also happen with Disney merchandise.  However, I did purchase the mug from last month’s Mad Tea Party theme and didn’t have any issues purchasing it even an hour after the initial release.

Mad Tea Party
Credit: shopDisney

Prepping Early

I knew that I had a few other things I wanted to purchase along with the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction release so I started looking through the app around 9:45 a.m. signed into my Disney account.  Please keep in mind, I am on eastern time with the release time being 10 a.m. for me.  By about 9:55 a.m., I had everything I wanted loaded into my cart ready to just add in my Minnie Mouse Main Attraction items.  I was waiting to add in the mug and plush.  I went and grabbed another cup of coffee and waited for the clock to strike 10.

April Minnie Mouse
Credit: shopDisney

Purchasing Experience

Right at 10 a.m., I refresh the homepage of the shopDisney app to load the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction.  I am immediately told my session timed out and was logged off my account.  I spent the next 2 hours trying to purchase the Minnie Mouse Attraction items along with the other items I had already saved, but had to re-do all over again.  I tried on the shopDisney app, mobile phone browser, and laptop browser with finally my laptop browser working to reload all my desired items.  This process took about an hour.

Error Code
Credit: Kristin Yep

Once I had everything in my cart, I pressed checkout.  It took multiple tries in order to get to the check out window.  When I was at the checkout window, I ago multiple error codes for the next hour, such as “One of the items in your cart is out of stock, but we have others you love,” and “Your request could not be processed. Please try again,” or “Please correct the errors below.”  Then I got another page error code saying that, “Oh, Bother!  We hit a snag when processing that request.  Please return to My Bag and try again.  Here’s a hug to get you going again!”

Oh Bother!
Credit: Kristin Yep

Duplicate Charges

I tried multiple credit cards at this point as well thinking maybe it was an issue on my end.  I checked my credit card account just to see if I was having issues with it, and I noticed a pending transaction from shopDisney already.  At this point, I still hadn’t gotten a purchase confirmation so I kept trying to process my order to make sure I did as I got the Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore screen.  After being persistent, finally horray!  I got my purchase confirmation with Joy!

Credit: Kristin Yep

Come Monday morning, while Inside the Magic was looking through social media and we noticed that many people had the same experience, I had the gut instinct then that I should check my credit card account.  Sure enough, I was double charged. Keep in mind that both transactions are “Pending” so this error may soon be corrected, and Disney has also not reached out to those who have been double charged either.

shopDisney double charge
Credit: Kristin Yep

May Minnie Mouse Main Attraction

May’s Minnie Mouse Main Attraction will be the Enchanted Tiki Room.  It is very adorable and I am still excited about it. April was a bit of a struggle which is understandable with so many people doing online purchases these days.  Us merchandise shoppers are really hoping that shopDisney can figure out a solution to these issues.  Therefore, we can have smoother sailings for next month’s release on May 16th, 2020.

Minnie Mouse Collection for May 2020
Credit: shopDisney

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