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Walt Disney World Park Reservation System


  1. Kathleen


  2. Jeremy

    Not sure why anyone is at all surprised.
    Disney has done the worst job managing their way through this time. While the rest of us all need to deal with the pandemic, IGER just digs his hole a little deeper in his pile of cash and then proceeds to bury his head back in it.
    He ought to at least turn it over to Chapek and let him take the hit. People may be a bit more forgiving of the new guy screwing up.

    1. Laura Evans

      I have been trying all day got in for one park then it kicked me out. Back to the castle now I find out our hotel won’t even be open. Are you kidding me!!! At a complete loss. Get on it Disney

      1. Barb

        This is the worst.. DVC owners normally don’t purchase tickets early we have to make reservations first but they Thu us under the bus. We cannot buy tickets and we are going to lose our credit points .they wont let us carry all them over so we can at least get a full vacation for 2021 or longer

        1. Absolutely not true,I have been to disney for decades and have not have any issues at all their sincerity and guest services around is the best

        2. Tracy L Longbons

          Yes they will carry all dvc points over still. Just did it

  3. Vance

    I have been trying for now 1 hour and 40 minutes. I finally did start getting the countdown timer but it jumps all over the clock and then finally just went back to the castle page telling me not refresh my page. This is all after they gave me the option of switching to Fort Wilderness from Pop Century at over a $1000 additional costs. Looks like I am going to Universal this year.

    1. Robert

      I logged on at 7:30 this morning and it was 2 1/2 hours before I could make Park reservations – the reservation process was smooth and I had no problems booking the parks for our party of 6. Don’t refresh or go back when you see the castle – it is a waiting game but once to the actual reservation screen it’s all good .

      1. lynn bower

        Not so. Was able to book one day. Saying no available parks for other three days. Been trying since 7 this morning. Now 8:30 pm

        1. Jordan

          We booked one day at Hollywood studios, but now it’s saying no other parks are available at any day… Fix?

          1. Mark Minutolo

            Same here Jordan. We got in around 4:30 yesterday…got one day and now everything is greyed out. But if you check the park availability calendar on their site for new plans it shows the whole month GREEN

      2. Julianna Rosalez

        Is this for disneyland or just Disney world?

  4. CAM

    Meanwhile, IT officials at Universal are laughing hysterically…

    1. A guy...

      You laugh, but it’s true… I was an IT insider at Disney working on the new Reservation Systems project, internally known as Go Master/GOMR. And the project was a mess. After the furlough in mid-April, I can only imagine how much worse project performance when there were even less personnel to work.

      1. A mom

        Disneyworld should be more organized. Instead Common sense would be to allow July guest to make reservation first, then August, then to the public. Now, parents are stressed about their family vacation and the children will be the ones suffering with all this mess. Walt Disney would be disappointed to see this happening.

  5. Andrea

    I won’t be able to make reservations until the 28th, however I did want to check out the new system. Of course its been loading for 20 minutes now, and thats because the time keeps resetting. I am not surprised that the system is overloaded. They should have done something similar to Universal and allowed the passholders to test drive it to work out the kinks. Oh well, I’m personally a bit disappointed in the way Disney has handled the whole thing, and it has nothing to do with social distancing, face covers or limited capacity. SMH, hopefully Disney will sort it out and provide the excellent customer service they are known for.

    1. YardBeatles

      Seriously? You and everyone else on there making it miserable for people who really need to get on and make an enjoyable vacation for our families. People from Dec/Nov/Oct/Sept. on the phone lines too making it impossible for those who actually HAVE reservations in this window (July) to work out our resort stay/reservation. Thanks :-/

      1. Susan

        Yes, had reservation and tickets for July, with ALL the people in the system, it took 5 hours to get through and by then parks weren’t available for our trip that we booked last December! We are 20 days out and are now having to cancel our trip due to system being bogged down by everyone with trips scheduled 6 months from now….. or people just curious!

        1. Yes,say it,they that people that want to be ahead of everything with plans for more than 6 months from now are making the cast member’s job imposible and then blaming it on them,I have not known a single tech or cast member being impolite

      2. Hope

        That’s Disney’s fault. They should have staggered the online reservations based on WHEN people were coming or had existing reservations. They didnt do that. It’s a free for all and those with later reservations are not at fault…Disney is. They are opening it up to the whole world on the 28th and folks who’ve had reservations fully paid for since LAST YEAR still cant get in. This is ALL ON DISNEY, no one else.

  6. Brian

    I was on at 7:02am, waiting at the castle page until 8:23am when it put me back to the sign in page and it will not let me sign in now.

    1. Rhonda Beezee

      I can’t believe everyone in Disney’s IT department hasn’t been fired by now. Took until almost 9am for me to stop having the pink castle waiting page and/or getting errors when I tried to login. Resorted to using Chrome incognito browser and FINALLY reserved our measley 2 park days in November.

      1. Brian

        I was able to get in about 20 min after my post. I was able to schedule our Christmas week and November T-day weekend. I was denied on the August weekend before school starts. It said we had met our limit but we have DAPP and DVC resort reservations.

    2. YardBeatles

      Nov… what about people in JULY (like me) who couldn’t get there stuff because people in flippin’ NOVEMBER are making reservations? forget the IT dept… who thought THAT would be a good idea… what happened to PHASED reopening?

      1. april

        No one with a November reservation took your July park days. That doesn’t even make sense.

        1. Octagneh

          Yes it does. People making reservations months out, were clogging up the system and phone lines and people who have vacations in mere days, couldn’t get on or in the system. This system SHOULD have been done in a “45 Day Out” rolling system that advanced a day every 24 hours. Instead it allowed 14 months of reservations all in one go.

        2. Susan

          What he is saying is that guest with July reservations couldn’t get through due to system crashing with so many people on it. Also, several comments on social media about people adding guest to their resort reservations so that they could acquire early scheduling. No one is saying it isn’t Disney’s fault, all guest relation cast members are just as frustrated.

        3. Susan

          What he is saying is that guest with July reservations couldn’t get through due to system crashing with so many people on it. Also, several comments on social media about people adding guest to their resort reservations so that they could acquire early scheduling. No one is saying it isn’t Disney’s fault, all guest relation cast members are just as frustrated. I have been working on this since Monday. Had reservations and hopper passes paid for since December for July 13-18. After 4 hours on the phone and system crashing, finally got through to find that they had to change my hopper tickets to base tickets before I could make reservations. Finally at 8:00 pm Monday after 12 hours, spoke to another representative to be informed that all Hollywood studios are gone for our entire trip. Other parks are sporadic where we can’t all go to parks on same day. It’s not that someone with a December reservation “took” my place, it’s that they along with “curious” people without reservations at all should NOT have been allowed in the system at this time. Poor decision by Disney to roll this out this way. And to the person who has made “50” reservations, that’s pretty funny. We average 3 times a year for the past 28 years and daughter worked for Disney for 5 of them. I have never seen such a mess like this. Still trying to get through to cancel tickets and rooms, then deal with airlines after that. So please be a little compassionate that we don’t “blame” people with future reservations. This was a bad implementation by Disney, but it is hard when knowing the struggles we had to get through due to the capacity of calls when all of your dates are still available for September-December!

  7. WIlliam Kendall

    2 hours now…and still waiting…..

  8. Jerry

    I works, stop exiting and refreshing. I got in from the castle screen it took about 45 minutes. Patience people

  9. Alot of people are going to be cancelling there annual passes I believe including us.

    1. Rebekah Hemling

      Annual passes do us no good if we cannot get into the parks ?? I just tried getting access we are booked at an outside hotel in septmeber because they would only reschedule us from now till then for a dvc resort hotel at 600 a night. We decided to stay outside, annual passholders are supposed to be able to book a park each day for the length of their stay. Nope…system won’t let me. So disappointed

  10. Margaret Jablonski

    Have been trying for over 2 hours. Finally got the countdown timer only to be bounced back to the castle screen and then knocked back to the sign on screen.. Terrible customer service. Thinking of cancelling my resort reservation and going to Universal instead.

  11. Douglas Keller

    All park reservations in!

    1. Jennifer

      Me too! Took hours and ALOT of patience!

  12. Mario

    Problem is people who have reservations for late this year are flooding in and not allowing people with early july reservations a chance. Read 7 sites now where people have booked their dec-feb 2021 dates.

    1. YardBeatles

      Exact;y! Who thought THAT was a good idea? Let six month of people flood the server AND phone lines. Forget about the people who leave soon on their vacation and STILL have no idea where they are staying…

      1. OMG you are so right! The reservation system says Parks are available but won’t let me pick them. Can’t get Hollywood Studio. I leave on the 8th and I have no idea where I am staying and when I am getting my dining plan refund. Can’t get through the lines tried for 48hrs now.

  13. Nicole

    2.5 hours later, still waiting… apparently it never gets easier

  14. River

    After two hours and fifteen minutes, was able to secure all my 8 desired December reservations.

    1. Failed BrotherinLaw

      So happy for you. Now you can rest easy for the next 6 months while the rest of us struggle to get reservations in for an anniversary vacation two years in the planning that is quickly falling apart. Hope you have a lovely time at Disney. Enjoy it for us too, since I’m looking at a failed vacation and months of waiting to get thousands of dollars refunded. NEVER AGAIN DISNEY

  15. Julie

    I was able to make reservations around 8:35 after being on the site since 7! Went through all the different scenarios mentioned above though.

    I agree with the above comment…..Disney management has thoroughly messed this up. I’d really hate to be one of the agents dealing with guests.

  16. RJ

    I got in. I let the castle screen refresh itself and eventually got the login screen. Countdown timer started at 10:00 and would count to 9:30, then reset to 10:00, then would count to 9:00 then refresh to 9:30, etc. Took 20 minutes to get in.

  17. Ian Lanning

    Finally got ours, don’t refresh, just let it do its thing…worked better in chrome…safari kept having a hard time loading page.

  18. monica

    Chrome Incognito! Worked better than other browsers for many people as per a forum I follow. Proved true for us. My daughter was on her PC using regular Chrome. Son was on phone using Safari. I was on my phone using Chrome Incognito. I got to log in sooner and make all of our ressies, even tho my daughter had been logged in for over an hour before me!

  19. Calysta

    Got in and no available dates September 1-8. Guess not going this year!!!!

    1. Mart

      I just make reservations for your same dates. Long after you posted your comment. You may be doing something wrong or your hotel isnt open? Check all your facts again and give it another try.

      1. Jessica

        There has to be a problem because this is not the first case I’ve seen. It has happened to me as well. Not sure what to do about it….

  20. Liz

    I’ve been waiting for an hour and a half. Then I was prompted to log in again, and immediately returned to the wait screen. Did I just start over??? Oh well, I will keep waiting. We’ve been planning this vacation for SIX years! I’m not going to let a computer glitch ruin it!

    1. Liz

      Update: I waited another 20 minutes, then got access to the reservations system. I made my reservations, but had to retry each page about 12 times before I stopped getting a “Sorry this page isn’t loading” message with a picture of Olaf’s head fallen off! 🙂 But finally got them all. It took 20 minutes of trying.

  21. Live in California waited almost 2 hrs,but finally made our park reservations.

  22. Janelle

    It took 2.5 hours to get past the castle page, but I can’t make more than 3 days of reservations. I have 2 valid resort stays, both through DVC, as well as an annual pass. The system is limiting me to 3 days total (as is supposed to be standard for AP holders) for park reservations, even though I have valid resort stays. Hopefully they will get this figured out before all of the days that I’m going to be there are booked up. (September and November/December)

  23. Mike

    If you haven’t had luck getting in, try the following work around. Make a Disney Springs dining reservation for any random day, and when you are confirmed you have the option to go to the “My Disney Experience” page to see your plans. From there it’s a single click to get into the park reservation system.

  24. Charles Garrett

    All of our dates are gone Sept 21-27, 2020. The vacation is ruined and now i have to give everyone the bad news. Thanks Disney. You found a way to make this Pandemic situation even worse. I hope you are satisfied with how many dreams you are crushing and how much money you’re going to end up loosing. I spent five hours struggling to get in to this poor excuse for a website only to find out that you were allowing EVERYONE in, regardless of when their reservation dates AND that you have more hotel reservations than space in the four parks combined. BRAVO! #neveragain #DisneyDreamsDashedByGreed #AnniversaryDestroyed

    1. Derrick

      Charles – I’m looking at the reservation calendar right now and there’s still availability in September on those dates. You might want to try to get in again. I seemed to have been able to get in no prob right now (4:30pm Eastern).

      1. Charles Garrett

        I’m cancelling the whole trip. I had the distinct displeasure of telling my sister in law that the two years of planning was wasted and that her anniversary celebration was ruined. Thank you to everyone who flooded the site to make sure they got in their DECEMBER and FEBRUARY reservations, making it impossible for those of us weeks or just a couple months away to get in. Enjoy the parks…without extra magic hours, parades, fireworks, character meet & greets or any of the other perks that have been cancelled.

        1. Evan

          Hi Charley-just got in (10:40 EST) and was able to make reservations for Sept. 23rd to the 27th. The system is working, albeit slow, too bad you already cancelled. Sounds like there will be plenty of room at Epcot’s Food and Whine Festival in September.

        2. april

          I don’t understand this logic. No one with a Dec reservation ruined your Sept trip. That literally makes zero sense.

    2. jayden

      hey there charles! you do realize there’s a global pandemic going on, right? i don’t think it’s disney’s IT department that ruined your vacation! simply the fact that going on a vacation to highly populated areas is a stupid idea!

  25. Tony

    It’s almost 12:30 eastern time and I’ve been frozen on either the castle or space mountain page for over 5 hours! Absolutely NO ONE at Disney is picking up their phone and I definitely can’t get online support. Disney had months to think this through and failed miserably. I’ve had to reschedule my anniversary trip with my gf twice now. Even if there were any dates available for our september trip I’m sure they’re gone so I guess we’re going to Universal.

  26. Maria

    I opened the page around 7:30am PDT, waited a few minutes for my log in page, then waited for the main page, then finally the reservation page. Total wait time of all of these was less than 10 minutes. No issues securing our park reservations either (our trip is in September).

  27. Steve

    I’m not happy … and you can’t even get through on the phone. ( after 6 hours and counting ) in order To talk to a human. If you have more that 1 reservation; FORGET it Multiple DVC reservations are turning into a waste of Money. Hotel room. No park

    A real pathetic effort by Disney and very poor communist on the front end of this. …. received bad info from both DVC and WDW personnel

  28. Larry

    Awakened early to make my reservations only to experience what everyone else did. Eventually had to go to work and couldn’t try again until I returned home. The system appears to be working well now as it only took me a few minutes to reserve my six days.
    If not for 5 non-refundable airline tickets and an equal amount of non-refundable WDW 6 day tickets I would have cancelled out of this mess long ago. Hours have been cut as well as entertainment. I’m not sure if I’m looking for to “the best day ever”.

  29. Keith

    We waited for three hours to get in. Could only book three days of parks, we are there for ten days in November, it says that we have reached our limit. We are staying on property. Call DVC waited an hour and a half to talk to someone who said there is a system glitch, just keep trying. It is now 5 pm and still the same problem. We also have a trip planned for February and can’t do anything there either. Everyone says patience but this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  30. lynn bower

    No luck yet. I was on at 7 sharp. Then logged on again at work. After 5 hours finally got to reservation page. I was able to secure one park for four day trip. When attempting to add other days website showed no availability for any parks on remaining days. Was able to access days on my mobile device, but no park tickets showing so can’t book that way either. No going on 13+ hours of trying off and on all day and no luck. Phones do not appear to be working either. So frustrating. This September trip was our last ditch effort to get there this year after 4 other COVID cancellations beginning in March. So frustrating. Definitely not feeling the magic.

    1. Marea Kuziela

      Absolutely ridiculous, waited 3 hours to finally get on the booking page. Then waited another four hours to speak to a customer representative. Then get a voicemail to hear that when we arrive in September our hotel wont even be open. I am absolutely disappointed in Disney, why couldn’t there costumer service agents tell me this when I was on the phone with them. Now have to wait who knows how many hours again to find another hotel and for the same price. Thanks Disney for screwing up big time.

  31. Theresa Montgomery

    You need to open more hotels in inside Disney World!! This is shameful!! Not being able to book a hotel!! . I had a hotel booked July 15th-22nd !! And no hotels available!!! I need a call back ASAP Theresa Montgomery !! I have a reservation!!!

  32. Donna

    It took me to 5:00pm to get reservations and then both my sons who have hotel and park tickets couldn’t get reservations on certain days even though they were linked to my friends and family when I tried to make reservations. So frustrating as I can’t even get anyone to help me make this work. Not a fan of the system.

  33. Wigberto

    Screw all of this. I’m waiting untill next year before I even consider revisiting WDW.

  34. David

    I got through to the reservation screen after about an hour wait but when I typed our hotel reservation # in it said not located. Idk if it’s because booked through Travelocity. Beem trying to call and email disney support but can’t get through

  35. Christine O

    I got on in the morning just like everyone else waiting for the reservation system to start work. I was on the park reservation screen waiting patiently the reservation button appeared on the top of the screen and I clicked on it and it started a countdown that kept counting down but ultimately got me to the reservation system where I was able to make my reservations pretty easily. I do admit as easy as it was for me to get in I do feel Disney could have done it differently such as offering the system to guests with reservations in July and then in August and then in September etc, Ultimately, it will work out just takes time and you have to do your homework before you logon. As frustrating as things maybe Walt Disney World just like other companies are navigating COVID-19 and ensuring that we are all safe. Choices have to be made and sacrifices so that they can open up slowly and safely. I originally had it vacation booked with my family for the week of Fourth of July. I pushed it out till the end of the year being unsure of the park opening date and the safety of my family. Ultimately, it all comes down to your choice as an individual and as a family if you stick with it! Best Wishes to everyone!

  36. Denise

    The system seems to be working again. I have been randomly checking (obsessively) and just completed park reservations for August. Looking through the calendar all days have all parks open still even the first few days of the opening.

  37. Gsry

    Originally had reservations in March that were then moved to June. Then moved to October and moved for free to a top level resort from a low level resort. Given priority for making park reservations. Smooth easy process with on 30 minute wait making park reservations and got every park we wanted. Great customer service as always from Disney.

  38. My husband tried in the morning and could not get in. We waited until around 7 pm Eastern time and had no issues with either getting on the site or making reservations.

  39. Amy

    We had reservations for opening day. Disney called us and told us our resort wouldn’t be open so we could switch or cancel. We cancelled. But then yesterday they announced it is now an open resort for our dates. What a mess. Guess we aren’t going to Disney anytime soon. Probably for the best with FL being so high with COVID cases 🙁

  40. Yoda

    Boy there are a lot of complainers, I’m sure Disney is doing their best as this is a unplanned epidemic. I am an AP and not allowed to make reservations yet and can only make three, but not even sure if I will do that since if people are this upset about the reservation system, I don’t want to see them complain about face masks. My wife or I have had over 50 reservations at Disney hotels in the past few years but like to book last minute so you can’t say that AP’s don’t spend as much money as guests who come once a year. So if I book the days I want to go in November, I won’t be able to go anytime before then.

    I guess I will just play it by ear and roll with what Disney can do. When I do go, I will walk through the parks with a smile on my face under my mask while I enjoy the Magic.

    1. Annie

      I’ve seen your comments on other Disney forums. You seem obsessed with the mask issue, telling people to stay home if they don’t like wearing masks, etc. Personally I don’t care if you wear one every day for the rest of your life. Just curious about your apparent fondness for them. Are you angling for Disney freebies with your mask enthusiasm? Hey, good luck with that.

      1. jayden

        it’s called public safety, annie, please don’t be an idiot right now.

  41. Erin

    I also waited for the countdown, waited on the castle page, then waited for the launch. All together over 4 hours. Got to the page to reserve parks and it wouldn’t let me STILL!!!🤯
    I just now was able to reserve using CHROME!!!
    And good luck to all of you!!!!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  42. Aaron

    Was able to make my parents a single day reservation, but now it shows every day is unavailable even though the availability calendar shows all green. Anyone else encountered this issue and can advise how to be able to make your additional day reservations?

    1. Mark Minutolo

      Same here Aaron. Not sure why because Park Availability calendar in another area shows all parks GREEN with availability.

  43. Hex

    My broker was able to get me into 3 parks yesterday for my trip in August. Long wait time but otherwise no issues.

  44. sgrosz

    Has anyone solved the issue with only being able to reserve one day (out of say 4 days) but knowing there is park availability? I can reserve 12/21 but then can not reserve any additional days. Says all parks are booked for every day but that’s not the case. I can cancel that reservation then every park is available again. so its a glitch. Any work around?

  45. Octagneh

    For those people talking about the lack of availability on every day now – I’d be guessing that the IT dept finally just shut this system down by making all days “taken”. Probably have it in this status while Disney figures out how to clear this up. This was getting “out-of-hand” and making a mess. This system was suppose to only be used for a few months to “get things back up and running”. This system can not be used forever as it completely clashes with the concept of paying money for tickets and the “up front” paid for Annual Passes at +$1000 each. You pay that kind of money AND upfront you expect to get into a park. Not a…maybe. The fact that this system allowed advance reservations up to 14 months in advance is moronic. They’ll probably have to end up honoring the reservations up to 26SEP20 and wipe all the ones after that.

  46. Adriana

    I just want to be able to cancel. Can’t do it online, can’t do it on chat (which is ludicrous, especially f I’m chatting from the app, logged into my account) , told I HAVE to call but can’t get through to WAIT for hours to talk to someone. “all circuits are busy”. Guess I’ll be wasting another day redialing nonstop

  47. Joan


    My problem seems to be only handled by phone since although I paid for pass renewal and payment was accepted has not been updated so therefore can’t reserve parks for my vacation stay. Have reservation for 7 months at DVC.
    Very frustrating.

  48. Henry

    I have a resort reservation for December but no park tickets. Do u know what I need to do.


    We purchased a studio and 1 bedroom for 564 points thru dvc rental for bay lake tower in mid january well before covid19 news. No insurance purchased who would have thought a pandemic. We have paid 2/3 of the amount $6,500 and have to pay the final $3,000 on July 2nd without even knowing if we can buy park tickets, eat at a restaurant or anything. Not to mention 3 of the 8 prople are 70 and above, Covid treats us not very well if we get it. 4 years ago we did the same bay lake tower vacation it was fantastic, my daughter does an excellent job of planning everything. All her initial plans zapped by disney this year. Seems to be a no go now and a huge loss on this vacation. (good memories of disney since 1972 not anymore). DVC vacation club members and especially those who buy thru them are treated the worst, unless someone can come up with one i have not heard of. I guess if you had a june vacation planned and had paid ahead that could be worse or at least as bad. Good Luck to everyone else with your plans.

  50. Lisa Yetman

    After losing two Disney trips we had planned this past Spring, we tried again for a family trip for December. We were able to get room reservations and my husband and I finally succeeded in getting through the “system”(??) for Park reservations. The two of us were able to renew our Annual Passes, too, but – for our eight day stay, our grown sons are STILL without tickets for our entire stay. One has only two days left on a ticket, the other only four days. This is the hurdle we find ourselves bashing against now – getting the sons (adult) full stay tickets (or APs). When we booked the park reservations, we also tried to get those Ads, but – due to being so long online and such, we were left short by a half hour in being able to get those tickets. Now, even if we succeed in getting APs or tickets, we may not be able to get park reservations for our two sons. If that happens, we may as well just back out of all of our Disney plans – and lose hundreds of dollars in non-refundable air fare reservations. If you ask me, Disney and everyone else dropped the ball on this new system – and their vaunted Guest Relations record is in jeopardy of suffering a MAJOR hit!

  51. jayden

    folks, please don’t be dumb. you shouldn’t vacation right now. and if you do, don’t get angry at the IT department or anyone else. if you think they’re doing their jobs so poorly, go ahead and do it yourself.

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