Comments for Union Leader Posts Photos Inside Disney Prior to Reopening

Inside Magic Kingdom

Credit: Twitter @EricBClinton


  1. Mark

    This is why most cms dont trust the union bc they do not care! They pretend to and say things to make it sound nice on paper. Heck they said they help out and most folks i know are not getting unemployed benefits and not s single one of them signed the petition that its unsafe siding w cms but said they did! Why people are asking manager for help N not the union.

    1. Donna

      The union said they would help cms that needed to wait until phase 2/3 of opening and their jobs were safe. Its a lie. Everyone even if in a situation of medical reasons has been told come back or be fired. Total lies by union.
      Plans to test cms for temps? Not happening. One girl was sick 2 weeks and forced to work. Covid positive. But mgr told her she had to work or get points.
      Talk to shop stewards, lots more stories disney doesnt want out in public.

  2. TD

    I’ve always felt very safe at Disney. This will be no different. Looking forward to our visit next month.

  3. SG

    Too soon!

  4. Melanie Durham

    I can’t wait to visit soon

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