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TUI cancellations


  1. Paul Alter

    As frustrating and disappointing as this must be for those from the UK, I can understand why TUI has done this. For some time, the US has been, and sadly continues to be, the epicenter of the pandemic. Yet we (yes, US citizen here) still have no clear country-wide strategy or approach for managing this. Given the surge in cases but Florida’s continued push to “open-er-up”, it makes complete sense for the company to try to protect its customers, itself, and the UK in general.

    1. Connie Krout

      My thoughts exactly, don’t be surprised if this is just the beginning of major cancellations.

  2. peter drinkwater

    it doesn’t seem fair especially when you work 60 hours week and this happens I hope hays does not expect us to pay more to book next your

  3. Paul Ross

    Frankly we’re still keen to give it a shot… feeling we need a bit of Disney magic this year more than ever – relying on some personal responsibility re masks etc. and Disney to keep us safe. I guess still quite a lot of Unknown’s though… primarily can we fly into MCO from the UK without the need to quarantine in Florida.. still keeping all fingers crossed for the end of August…

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