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  1. Dale

    Is that OK for all you “woke” people? That Tony Baxter has been chosen to reimagine splash mountain? I mean he’s the one that made it the racist attraction it is today. You better hurry up and start your online petition if you’re not happy with the choice Disney has made. 🙂

    1. Ken

      Yay grown adults complaining about a retheming of a kids ride.

      Pretty sure Tony is getting paid for his work on the new design so I’m sure he is fine…

      1. Dale

        Oh I’m sure Tony is getting paid this time since he surely got paid the first time while making such a racist ride. I’m just worried that you might be offended that Disney chose the same person to theme it since he did such a terrible job the first time hurting so many peoples feelings.

        1. Kaden

          You know that al you’re doing is hurting and attacking us Splash Mountain fans? You’re a GROWN MAN attacking us because of our opinions. If you find Song of the South offensive, then I’m sorry you weren’t properly educated on the lives of black people after the civil war. Besides. Disney didn’t MAKE Uncle Remus. Splash Mountain is such a beautiful ride. I’ve seen HUNDREDS of black families on Splash Mountain just having the time of their lives. If they don’t know what Song of the South is, how can they be offended by it? Besides. I know TONS of Black People who LOVE Song of the South. You need to grow up and start acting like an adult. There are murders, and terrible tragedies happening in the world, and you’re worried about a ride in a DISNEY PARK? Get a life man.

  2. Robert Foller

    I’m so disappointed in Disney’s decision to “reimagine” Splash Mountain. My family and I never looked at this as an insensitive themed ride – and we are African Americans.

  3. Lorenzo

    They dragged poor old Tony out of retirement to redesign a beloved ride by all…only to be replaced by a ride based on a movie who basically killed hand drawn animation.

    The Princess and the Frog…was a flop. Go look up the numbers…

    Feel bad for Tony to be dragged into this unnecessary and expensive change.

    Disney is not exactly rolling in the money right now?

    1. Ken

      This is a great choice. Song of the South depicts a racist happy slave and Uncle Remus was a white man profiting off of the stories from former slaves. Princess and the Frog. It was a profitable film and merchandise (200+ million for a 100 million cost). It fits more for a modern audience.

      1. Dale

        You’re right Ken, and none of the stuff you mention from Song of the South is depicted anywhere in the ride.

        1. Ken

          Sure it is.

          What do you think the story comes from?

          1. Dale

            I’ll say it again NONE of the stuff you mentioned is in the ride. I went to high school with a really smart guy named Ken . . . . you’re definitely not him.

        2. Darth Historian

          Dale is so right!

          Don’t you realize, everybody else, is that they took a racist movie and left out the racist parts?! That makes it OK!

          Like when discussing World War II, just leave out the holocaust. It makes the concentration camp stuff a lot more fun, like Hogan’s Heroes!

          1. KEN

            Well, since his idea of discussion was trying to attack me directly, we know the reasoning aspect won’t work.

          2. Robert Hogan

            Hogan’s took place in a POW camp. Know the difference. It’s been 55 years.

      2. John

        Uncle Remus was not a slave, everyone were sharecroppers. The war already ended and they were free, the stories in the movie are actual African folk tales.

  4. tom

    Cite your source. Where is the statement from Tony Baxter???

  5. Paul Alter

    Cracking up over the angst from those who are so upset over this change!

    Baxter helped take a nightmare of a racist story and create something that was fun and uplifting. But, no matter what, the Song of the South is a terribly racist film. Yes, I’ve seen it. Even as a kid I knew it was racist.

    I like Darth Ken’s analogy to Hogan’s Heroes re: WWII and the Holocaust. In fact, my wife and I just had that similar discussion in this context a couple of days ago.

    And for all you “Karen’s” (love using that in this context) who don’t like the change and feel the need to “harumph” – I’m looking forward to the shorter lines – because I’m sure you won’t want to ride the new version – when I finally return to the parks and get to see the new attraction.

    1. Dale

      LOL! The “karens” are the reason disney is caving and changing this ride! (love using that in this context as well).

      I hope you and your wife enjoy the new ride (you know according to Ken it’s just for kids).

  6. William

    They got Tony Baxter out of retirement in order to try to placate those who see what enormous evil to Disney management has done in raping Splash Mountain and stealing it from posterity. I’m sure they are paying him handsomely to do it.

    you can kind of see how the new Splash Mountain theme would fit in Disneyland New Orleans square, but it’s simply does not go in Disney world’s magic kingdom frontier land. New Orleans attraction there is going to stick out like a swollen, bright red, sore thumb. that makes it obvious that this is nothing but political and has nothing to do with their wanting to upgrade these parks. The Disney management are part of the left-wing media elite and are closet leftists who are involving scheming to influence the next election for godless Marxism. They only hide behind the mask of Walt Disney, and that is thoroughly disgraceful.

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