Comments for Disney Fans Petition to Re-Theme Splash Mountain to ‘Princess and the Frog’

splash mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Michelle

    We live splash mountain. Please keep the history of this epic ride. It’s about briar rabbit and him being able to out smart the bear and the fox for our family. We are Disney passholders, vacation club member, parents of the college program and have had two of our children work for disney. Needless to say Disney has a big place in our lives.

    1. Tina

      I agree if they keep changing and rearranging where will Walt remain?Remember who first launched this idea and Park and remember that it has worked well for 65 years.Black lives matter so does everyone else’s Disney Theme Parks are not about political statements they are about fantasy, imagination, joy, happiness, families,fun,relaxation,and making memories leave it as it is.Before this Pandemic and uproar there was nothing wrong with Disney Parks and there is still nothing wrong with these loved spaces of preserved happiness.

      1. Matt

        Where will Walt remain? Ummm. Walt wasn’t alive when the ride opened, so how can you speak on what Walt’s opinion would be?

        The rides can be updated whenever Disney wants. The country bears were replaced with Winnie the Pooh, I think that is a more drastic update from changing the characters in splash mountain to princess and the frog.

        If you are so triggered by a ride changing, there might be more underlying issues you might have to deal with…

        1. Tina

          A grown man talking about the change of stuffed bears being drastic sounds like deeper issues to me.When saying above remember who launched this idea and Park I am talking about Disneyland not each individual ride and am suggesting only to keep some things the way they have always been as the Park changes .Matt you are in all these conversations you really need to get back to work,

      2. Pamela Larsen

        I love Splash Mountain and all the little critters. However, I am trying to keep an open mind around how things are changing. After all Disney did say “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” This is just another way of changing and evolving.

      3. Roger Stevens

        There is nothing but animals. So what is racist about Splash Mountain.

        1. Aqua Sniper

          Yes, it’s confusing how the ride is racist, but there’s no turning back now.

      4. Aimee Lafitte

        splash mountain is a beloved ride for years its a disney historical ride it has no racist actions at all its got animals and singing. yes it is from a particular movie that most people don’t like but the ride in general has no bad comments or racial acts in it. disney don’t do this if you want to make a ride about princess and the frog start fresh not plussing because I love that movie as well and it deserves a fresh face and ride

    2. Tanesia

      This is absolutely ridiculous. Splas Mountain is one of my favorite Disney rides. It’s about cartoon characters outsmarting each other. Disney is my happy place where you escape the stresses and responsibilities of adult life. People need to use their efforts to change important things in life and leave the cartoon characters alone. #takingittoofar

    3. Carmine Crincoli

      Love actually

      1. Michelle Nichols

        Yes, Walt did say that his park will never be finished, but he never said “Go ahead and change a ride because some racist group says so.” I will say this again. Song of the South is a beautiful film, it is NOT Racist at all. In fact if you read the original stories written a hundred years ago, they are not prejudice either. I suggest those of you who think it is prejudice go and read the books. Princess and the Frog takes place in new Orleans, and the last time I was there I never saw any mountains or steep hills. I really can’t imagine transforming this ride into that film. What Disney should do is remove the Winnie the pooh ride and transform that into Princess and the Frog, it would make more sense to turn that dark ride into this and leave Splash Mountain alone. It’s fine the way it is. or better yet, why doesn’t Disney create a Black Lives Matter ride… although I am a firm believer that “All Lives Matter,” not just Black Lives and I think people need to put signs like this in their yards instead. Why do we have to keep prejudice alive in America, segregating one race over another instead of celebrating all ethnicities, which has built America in the first place. There are way too many Angry people in the world these days. Lighten up people.

  2. Joeybats

    It’s official, we have collectively lost our minds.
    I say this as a HUGE fan of Princess and the Frog, and the concept is brilliant, don’t get me wrong.
    We cannot “cancel” our collective history. The fact of the matter is the Joel Chandler Harris stories this ride is based on was about the litttle guy “rabbit” out smarting his oppressors “fox”. It’s a positive message, let’s not pretend this ride is offensive for a moment.

    1. Terry

      Agree completely. Disney fans have lost their minds.

      1. Ian

        Once again, we have an example of some Disney Fans acting like members of the goddamn Cartoon Community. This bickering needs to stop. Splash Mountain does not deserve a retheme. Enough.

      2. Dont agree make it somewhere else, its too cute to loose

        1. Michael

          Leave Splash Mountain alone. What’s next? Get rid of Space Mountain because it violates their space?! Ridiculous. Leave this iconic ride alone.

      3. Paul

        This country has given up, bent over and putting their heads in the sand for long enough. There is absolutely nothing problematic with this attraction. If some people have problems with the fact that it involves characters from a film, they should choose not to get in line. Their isn’t an ounce of content on this attraction of any concern. Just nit picking for the sake of nit picking.

        Redress this attraction, and then they’ll move onto Toad, and Peter Pan. They won’t be happy until everyone else is unhappy

      4. Paul

        It’s not Disney Fans. It’s the country. This nonsense has gone far enough. We can have open, honest discussions of oppression and getting rid of the few bad cops and take it in positive direction. We need to take the country back from these destructive groups

    2. Marcus

      Ridiculous. The world is going freaking insane. This ride looks cool, build it, but don’t destroy another ride because you claim it’s racist. It’s based off the film which I will argue any day of the week is not a racist film. Read ‘Who’s Afraid of Song of the South’ – excellent read and makes you think.
      Also if a Princess and the Frog ride belongs anywhere it would be New Orleans Square in Disneyland, perfect setting for it. Fantasyland would work for WDW or Hollywood Studios. I hope Disney doesn’t take this stupid petition seriously.

      1. Aaron

        Lmao, film is 100% racist. You probably are too.

        1. Paul

          Dude, not cool. And when was the last time you saw the film? I saw it recently and concur that the film isn’t racist. It takes place in that period, but the story is kind and fanciful. Don’t make it something it isn’t.

        2. Dandy dave

          Why is anyone who disagrees racist. Do you know that the books that the movie was made from, where retelling stories from African-American Oral history. So you destroy Black history and culture because of how a movie was made, a movie 99% of visitors have never seen?

          1. MAtt

            Lol there is literally a tar baby in the movie, and people here are saying there is nothinggggg racist in the movie.

        3. Geoff

          I haven’t seen it but have heard so much about how bad it is. Adam can you give some examples of the racist parts? I mean did Disney really make a movie as bad as people say?

    3. Tina

      This sums it up perfectly, this is the most articulate statement made in the conversation here.Thank You.Perfectly stated.

  3. Ken

    Political madness once again. Very few people even know Song Of The South. I remember in 1965 getting a Disney book on Song and I remember the animals. Disney is going to have enough trouble getting all their projects done and their customers back without this very expensive and time consuming make over

    1. EricJ

      In fact, all people remember the movie today for is 1) Br’er Rabbit, and 2) “Didn’t somebody complain about it being a racist movie about slaves?” [sic]
      Disney tried to sweep everything about the movie that wasn’t Br’er Rabbit offstage, but, if Armchair Imagineer fanboys are going to be organized-stupid about this (why is it ALWAYS “Change an old attraction”??), we’ll probably get some nominal Princess & the Frog attraction somewhere else as appeasement.

      (Y’know, like how we got Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, when we kept nagging them about “Put a Monsters Door Coaster into Timekeeper!”?)

  4. Splash Mountion will always be there. Plus it’s to expensive to be retheme into The Princess and the frog.

    1. Carmine Crincoli

      Mountain actually, and it could be pretty expensive…

      I’d like to see an indoor Princess and the Frog themed Splash Mountain type ride at Disneyland Paris along with one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Echo Lake section and Disneyland in California in the Fantasyland section to compliment Splash Mountain along with a Pirates themed Splash Mountain for Hong Kong Disneyland’s Adventureland and Shanghai Disneyland’s Treasure Cove!

  5. Nachtwulf

    I’m honestly all for this… largely because as has previously been mentioned, no one’s even SEEN Song of the South in this day and age. Do any kids going on this ride know who Bre’r Rabbit or Bre’r Fox are? No. They don’t. There’s no connection to the characters and the story’s kind of obscure from the ridethrough experience. So given that 90% of kids aren’t going to have seen the movie, all that effort is going to be lost.

    Add to this the fact that the version at WDW is NOTORIOUSLY in terrible repair… it seems Disney’s been sort of neglecting it on purpose. Why would they do this? Possibly because they’re going to reformat it? They’ve reformatted several rides now, and -almost- entirely for the better… GotG Mission Breakout is generally lauded as being much better than ToT: Anaheim was (especially during Halloween), and Frozen is considerably more fun and accessible than Maelstrom and it’s ‘hey kids aren’t oil platforms cool’ message. Disney himself said Disneyland should ‘never become a museum’ and this is a prime opportunity for them to act on his words.

    1. David

      No one has seen Song of the South? Get your head out of the sand. I have a copy of the movie and so do most of my Disney friends. Its available to purchase on ebay. It is a classic film and Hattie McDaniel got and is the first African American academy award for her role. Leave the ride as is. The changing of Pirates to be more PC is rediculous, however, I had to laugh. Those wanting her changed now have a drunk drinking woman toting guns. SO funny

      1. Austin

        Hattie McDaniel got her Oscar for her role in Gone With The Wind, not Song of the South.

      2. Rick

        Austin is correct about Hattie McDaniel. James Baskett was awarded the first Oscar for an African American Actor for Song of the South.

    2. Annon

      They literally do refurbishments almost every winter on the ride.

  6. Dan

    The world has gone made. Everything that makes someone uncomfortable must be expunged. How many people that are offended by Song of the South have even seen it? Outrage culture needs to be ended. No one is being forced to ride Splash Mountain if they find it racist.

  7. Vinette

    Re theme Splash Mountain? Ridiculous!!!
    I’ve seen the movie Song of the South recently (archive.org) I was not offended. That’s the way it was back in that time period . Slavery was wrong & always will be wrong but this story wasn’t about slavery. It is a Walt Disney movie about animals that taught a lesson to help the children.
    The stories of Brer Rabbit, Fox & bear are really nice stories that should not be silenced because other parts of the movie makes some people feel uncomfortable. That’s ok, just don’t watch the movie. Don’t ride the ride. Enough said.
    Leave Splash Mountain alone!!

  8. mr mr

    considering the tone and content of the screechy messages on various social media, i’d say that the majority of those “demanding change” by retheming SM have never seen the movie outside of “racist” still photos or youtube clips of the movie. a shame that actual history, both the theme park ride and the original story, can be steam-rolled by bandwagon activists who do can not think for themselves.

  9. Tom

    Has the whole world gone nuts? Splash Mountain is one ride I always look forward to. Song of The South was a great movie. And to escape the heat of the day and clouds is worth the break.We are trying to change history taking down monuments and statues of past Presidents and war heros. In my opinion we should look at making admission to the parks more affordable for the average family. Also quit supporting China and China made products that we sell in the parks. Only my opinion.

  10. Darth Updates

    First of all, I’d like to completely ignore the social aspect of this and say, I think it’s a great idea to update it to Princesss and the Frog. But I feel this way mostly because I am in favor of updating everything. (Like, I’m glad they got rid of Great Movie Ride, etc).

    So as purely an UPDATE idea, it’s a great one!

    Now, onto the social aspect of this. Can we please replace Great Moments with Lincoln? Does anybody realize that’s just spurring on White Savior Complex? It should be replaced with Great Moments with Al Sharpton! That guy has tons of great moments, and they can probably get the REAL Al Sharpton to stand there all day and do it for a whole heck of lot less cost than upgrading that animatronic!

    Oh, and NEVER update Country Bears. EVER.

  11. valerie

    NO ! Never ! we like the wonderful music and especially the theme.
    Splash Mountain is my favorite Attraction !!
    don’t make politic ! if you change the theme attraction i will never come back in disneyland parks.
    On the contrary, the film denounces all injustices and so it is therefore anti-racist !
    we are impatiently awaiting its remastering and a Blu-Ray.

  12. valerie

    i don’t like so much princess and the frog.
    i won’t like an attraction with this theme.
    the actual theme is timeless and must stay forever.
    it is my favourite attraction, Do not change it ! thank you !

  13. Patrick Bolmeyer

    Nobody thinks of this attraction as ‘racist’ when traversing in their log boat. I see nothing but children and adults smiling, singing along and happy faces! I don’t agree with the idea of changing its theme. Leave well enough alone!

  14. David

    Leave it alone, if you want a princess and the frog, petition for a separate ride, I have been riding splash mountain since my first trip in 1993,I have never once thought of it as racist

    1. Carmine Crincoli

      I wanna see some racism between various species including us humans and some sapient non-human species!

  15. kathy

    Please leave this ride as is!!! I have been on this ride many, many times and there is nothing offensive about it. It is about a fox and rabbit for god’s sake. Where does it all end? When we erase all our history???

  16. Santa

    It would be for the best to change it. It doesn’t offend me cause I’m white but I understand why it can be offensive. Do the right thing.

  17. Paul Alter

    First, I love Splash Mountain. It’s absolutely one of my favorite attractions. That said, there are reasons why Disney has never released Song of the South on home video, why it hasn’t been shown on a screen since 1986, and why it’s not available on Disney+.

    It is flat out racist.

    Even when it was being filmed, the NAACP was working with Disney and tried to get Walt to make changes. He refused. It was racist then, and it hasn’t improved with age.

    That said, the Imagineers did a phenomenal job taking the characters from the film and turning them into a fun, funny, clever, and creative ride. But I do know blacks who won’t ride it, and won’t let their kids ride it, because of the story’s legacy.

    If white folks, such as myself, can take just one lesson (of the many available to us) out of all the current protests and attempts to raise awareness, let it be this: It isn’t up to us to determine what is offensive for some other group. They will let us know. And we have the responsibility to listen to and respect them. Even if that means change, in society or for ourselves, that we didn’t plan on.

    Personally, I am fine with following the lead of those who are most directly affected by the history of the story. Maybe it’s right for a change.

  18. Tina

    I am White,Tiana is my favorite Disney Character not because she is Black just because she is Tiana, funny,strong, focused,determined, smart, and pretty.This being said there is no place for Princess and the Frog to take over Splash Mountain it would destroy one of the Park’s most popular attraction’s the ride is loved but also the story.Please quit trying to erase Mr. Walt Disney from the Park’s none of you or any of us would be so attached and so involved to the Disney Park’s if it had not been built and imagined so innocently childlike let’s leave what is in place alone and grow new around it like Walt said it should be show some respect for the Genius with the Plan.

  19. If you change splash mountain, my experience at the park will be changed forever. This is the most awful idea ever! Please do not give in to this. Do not fall prey to this bullying behavior from selected fans.
    Thank you.

  20. EricJ

    People, it’s JUST Change.org!…Most people stop reading at that point.
    (Sandwiched right between petitions for Disney to release George Lucas’s Star Wars Uncut-Trilogy they’re “hiding”, and demands for ABC to bring Agent Carter back for one more season.)

    Also, for those newer folk here, let’s stop and look at what fans call the “Armchair Imagineer” Internet park-fanboy:
    These are the ones who believe that WDW is actually a Movie Hall of Fame, where every new movie must be “rewarded” with immortal posterity as an attraction the minute it finds fan love, whether it makes sense as an attraction or not.
    And what kind of an attraction? 9 times out of 10, either a “Story-based dark ride”, or “New E-ticket coaster!”…And, since they don’t have room to build, it’s usually a demand to “Rehab” some old long-timer attraction which, clearly “Nobody likes anymore!” (For ex., “What about turning Columbia Harbor House into a Haunted Mansion restaurant?…That place sucks anyway!”)

    What happened when Timekeeper closed and everyone wanted a “Monsters Inc. door coaster” in Tomorrowland?
    What happened when Alien Encounter was up for change and everyone demanded Lilo & Stitch get a new real Tomorrowland attraction of its very own?
    What happened when Norway pulled its Epcot-pavilion sponsorship, and everyone suddenly had the same “neat idea” for what they should probably do with Maelstrom? (And a NEW LAND to go with it, too!)

  21. emcg

    Enough with the petitions already! This is getting out of hand.

  22. Matt

    I’m also excited for the new Jungle Cruise Movie, so they can finally take out the racist portrayals in that ride (speaking of Disneyland version). And for those saying “Oh it’s not racist” ask your black friend what they think (if you have one to ask)

    1. Corey W

      Matt/Ken (again you’re probably the same person) you must be a miserable person, you sure do get offended a lot.

  23. Ken

    I don’t think it’s really up to white people to determine what is racist or not to other races…

  24. K C

    Has anyone actually seen this movie? I have, it was released in Europe on Video Tape. The irony, the Black guy was the smart one and the hero of the movie. Much of it was southern stuff, and if my accent offends you, you are a hypocrite.
    Someone’s feelings should not control anyone else. Please Disney, don’t become one of the pawns in this game.

  25. Liz R

    Stop Destroying history, stop with the racism, it;s a ride. DISNEY is supposed to be about a HAPPY PLACE where you can use your imagination and worry free where you can be a KID. There’s is nothing wrong with the ride or the song or anything. Disney is about having fun and and coming together as HUMANS. Now in days people don’t respect there thought opinions anymore, I treat everyone the same as long we have respect and manners. That should beginning on how they should have raised you. I would LOVE to have a Princess and the Frog but make it original make it stand out make that ride a STATEMENT but if you want to change Splash Mountain it will never be known Princess and the frog because all who have been to Disney will say it use to be Splash Mountain and nothing from there will be original. Stop destroying history make new ones so we as people talk and explain why this Princess and the Frog Ride was made.

  26. Austin

    To everyone talking about “destroying” history… Disneyland used to have a ride called “Midget Autopia.” They could NEVER have a ride with that name today.

    Song of the South is a racist movie. It just is. And if you are white and want to disagree, please take a moment to consider why you want to disagree. I am Black, and I am saying that the movie is offensive to me, to my family, and to my ancestors. This isn’t something you can fully empathize with. For Disney to release a film in the 1940s that glorifies slavery, plantations, and the South, was so hurtful to my grandparents, and countless other Black people. On top of all that, DISNEY KNOWS the movie is racist. They’re embarrassed by it. That’s why it’s STILL not available for purchase.

    It’s always sad to see a ride change or go. But the fact remains that Disney is supposed to be the Happiest place on Earth. How can it be the happiest place on Earth if, when I ride this ride, I am thinking in the back of my mind that it’s based on a film that dehumanized people who look like me?

    1. Jacob

      The ride itself has nothing racist in it at all, you are getting offended way to easily. Disney changed the story in the ride to be a loving fantasy story about a rabbit, fox, and bear. I don’t know how that is offending you. Who in there right mind gets off Splash Mountain and thinks “that was racist” yeah,nobody does. You need to get your mind out of the gutter, Disney will not change this ride.

  27. Carmine Crincoli

    I kinda like Splash Mountain the same way it is but I don’t want it to be re-themed just like how Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is re-themed to the Jurassic World movies, Shamu’s Happy Harbor at SeaWorld Orlando is re-themed to a kids’ IP which the land is given no ocean theming just like how Shamu’s Happy Harbor was themed, MerlinWood at Islands of Adventure is re-themed to Harry Potter, Maelstrom at Epcot’s World Showcase is re-themed to Frozen, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure is re-themed to Guardians of the Galaxy, the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride at Hong Kong Disneyland is re-themed to Ant-Man and the Wasp, Rock n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris is re-themed to Iron Man, California Screamin’ is re-themed to The Incredibles along with Pixar Pier, and the Back to the Future ride is re-themed to The Simpsons at the Florida and Hollywood theme parks and Despicable Me at the Japan theme park! A lot of re-themes are pretty disappointing to me except for the Jurassic World, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Frozen, and Marvel re-themes!

  28. Carmine Crincoli

    Although a re-theme of Splash Mountain from its original Song of the South theme to The Princess and the Frog sounds like a bad idea because it might sound ridiculous and it might be to expensive to re-theme, but I’d definitely like to see an indoor Princess and the Frog themed Splash Mountain type ride at Disneyland Paris along with one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Echo Lake section and Disneyland in California in the Fantasyland section to compliment Splash Mountain along with a Pirates themed Splash Mountain for Hong Kong Disneyland’s Adventureland and Shanghai Disneyland’s Treasure Cove as well as an indoor Splash Mountain/Jungle Cruise hybrid ride for the Adventureland section of Disneyland Paris that’s themed to The Jungle Book or The Lion King with a clone of the ride for Hong Kong Disneyland for the Adventureland section!

  29. Dolcevita37

    Disney isn’t going to spend millions of $$ to re-theme splash mountains to please a handful of freaks! Yeah it was wrong what happened to George and yes there needs to be changes but let’s not forget George was., well
    Look it up.. a very bad man.. I think this BLM is over done at this point. Yes we need changes but nit picking on everything now including a Disney theme ride is ridiculous!

  30. Kat

    Kat:. Yes, I am tired of Everytime one turns around something seems to offend someone. I am all for Black lives matter & the few bad eggs we have in society ruining it for many of us. Splash mountain is also one of my favorite rides. It brings almost to life a fantasy world of cartoons. Children are innocent in this world until some teach them otherwise. This ride is a complete fantasy & children do not know riding it anything about it’s history. As a child I knew nothing as well & now I am 54 years old. I was an adult of many years before I had any recollection of where the ride was developed. We have to stop tearing down everything or there will be no history left to teach anyone. Some people learn best through visualization & not by reading alone. Can’t all of us just get along. There will always be bad eggs in society that ruin things for all just like a handful of children in a 30 room classroom can suspend a whole class of children from a particular activity they were all looking forward too. It all starts at home. A child comes out innocent until taught the bigotry of the world. Times have changed. The lax of parental parenting has increased our problems in society. No one person can change the mind of another, but erasing all history that is visual is a way of lessoning our children’s ability to learn from the past. The visualization of landmarks, statues etcetera is a way in the moment we as adults can easily start a conversation with the children of today. We do not want history to be repeated. Please leave these opportunities to teach in a different format outside a classroom then reading a book. Don’t leave it all to the teachers to teach. So much is lost if a parent can not also teach their child. Please leave the fantasy & innocence of Splash Mountain alone. I am sure there are plenty of adults that do not even know the story of this ride, but for now it depicts a fantasy. In my mind the ride will always be a fantasy. It is a ride that still backs up lines for over hours to ride. Why? It is because it is a fun, enjoyable fantasy ride that takes ones mind off ones worries for the brief time of joy it brings. Disney & the owners were not thinking of racial inequalities at the time this ride was created. As always, they were thinking of the joy it brings in bonding families together that will last a lifetime.

  31. mark

    Disney will be making a huge mistake if it begins to politicize the parks. The liberals will never be happy no matter how many concessions you make to political correctness.

  32. Bonnie

    Previous comments state it correctly: Disney is making a mistake if they politicizes the parks. Disney is where our family goes to escape the day-to-day. Can we keep that magical oasis free of politics, please.
    What’s next – Hall of Presidents?

  33. Meridia Creon

    Even if Song of the South is considered racist, the source material of Br’er Rabbit was NOT racist. It was African culture spread by Black People throughout the U.S. to preserve their culture. Changing this ride is actually more racist than not doing anything. Especially when Br’er Rabbit is real African culture whereas The Princess and the Frog was a flop movie that was so racist because it was based off of a European fairy tale and NOT an African folktale and the first black princess is a frog for 80% of the film.

  34. Jim

    I completely agree with you.

  35. David

    Splash Mountain is probably the most loved ride in the Disney parks and is based on one story from the movie Song of the South which I have watched several times and is one of my favourite Disney movies. The movie itself is set after the abolition of slavery and is not racist. This article is so one sided, it mentions the petition to retheme the ride but doesn’t mention that another petition to save the ride has more than 3 times as many signatures … and counting. Also it states that Disney fans are calling for a change and I doubt whether many of those calling for a retheme have ever even been to a Disney park or seen the movie. I live in the UK and love Disney having been to Walt Disney World 12 times (ie 12 different years), Disneyland in California twice and Disneyland Paris 6 times. All my friends in the UK who have been to a Disney park agree that retheming Splash Mountain would be a big mistake and would detract not enhance the Disney experience. Surely if Tiana deserves a ride of her own then it should be a new ride not a ‘hand me down’. If you agree then get on over to Change.org and sign the petition to keep our beloved Splash Mountain

  36. Instead, the petition calls to re-theme the attraction to Princess and the Frog, the first Disney film to introduce a black princess.

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