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  1. Davis

    This is going to disappoint many cms as this ride is in need of a major rehab they are getting denied again… i know its extreme circumstances but not many know the wear that ride has in the 10 yrs without one! I hope they change their mind like everything else that they say one thing but then theirs another and all of us are blindsided! I would hate for their to be no SSE and without a rehab soon….

  2. Janie

    Really??? Really??? This has got to be a sick joke! SsE needs a rehab!!! Its been clanking for 10yrs, e stoping wo a car, and moving very slow (sorry but even world of motion and the orginial figment w its intro moved faster then sse)! I know many cms whom were like going to throw parties bc they were tired of working at this wo an update and the complaints that went w it plus… its on its last leg wo it i for one do not want to say goodbye to SSE! Thats your logo for crying out loud if anything deserves your time its that! Highly disappointed and feel for all my SSE friends!

    1. Davis

      Thats what i said earlier but my post got mixed in the shuffle of the loosy hosp connection. I guess its karma!

      1. Janie

        I am coming over from dl before i return to wk let me know if theres anything i can do besides pray!

      2. Davis

        P.s. my comment showed thanks for finding it itm i rather blame karma still!

  3. Lydia

    I get why they are doing it bc like every announcement things will be up in air till they back on their feet but i agree w Janie and Davis above (btw davis my prayers are w you!) But does anyone get how old this attraction is and one false move this ride could put itself out of commission and force a rehab… i was there last time in Jan and a cm i spoke w said that the ride itself might force itself into rehab! Who knows then how long it will be out then??? I get it this is a strange situation but we all got SSE needs a rehab! And most true fans of this classic disney icon stand behind it!

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