Comments for Disney World Needs to Drop Social Distancing to Become Profitable, Says Analyst

Credit: Hector Retamal / Getty Images/Disney


  1. Lydia

    They are thinking if they drop social distancing then it will be masks 24/7 for a while or drop masks and keep social distancing and everyone remember your circle is your friend!

  2. Preston

    It’s unavoidable. Visitors spending hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) only to be told everything they “can’t” do, simply won’t subject themselves to that. Why subject your family through that? Considering the fact that the same family can go anywhere else in Florida and not be subjected to those restrictions? No thanks.

  3. Emcg

    I think masks will be the biggest problem. I know for my family it is. We wont go until that is gone. Way too hot for a mask in Florida. Social distancing will keep crowds lower so profits will be lower. Can’t wait till this nightmare is over

    1. Same here masks requirement is going to do it for me. As a annual pass holder im not going to wear a mask in 90 degree weather when I’m out side. Sorry they should be if you want to wear them

    2. Jmun

      I couldn’t agree more Emcg! Fla humidity + masks= guests dropping like flies

  4. Rosie

    Except for the masks snd 6ft all the other restrictions the parks look like off season and the tickets is how it was back in the good old days!

  5. Lee Bryant

    They need to drop the social distancing and just go with masks. People want and need to be in contact. Bring back the character meet and greets and restaurant characters. If all are wearing masks and proper hygiene all should be good. That is what makes the magic for kids of all ages. Getting to see, greet talk to your favorite characters. So masks are on them long as they are appropriate to the character could make some look funny and add to the excitement. If you think about it most of the cartoon characters have already been seen in a surgical mask at some point or another.

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