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Sky content warnings on Disney films


  1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    No and anyone who is does is an irrational moron.

  2. Jan

    Common Sense has gone out the window. it is obvious that times have changed and these films need to be watched for the appreciation of the time they were created. We can’t learn and grown if all our history is removed. How can we make sure not to repeat the errors if they are gone from our history?

  3. Paul Alter

    Absolutely yes. Anyone who doesn’t want this is an irrational moron with ethics and morals stuck in the 1950’s. 😉

    Look, times change. Values change. Learn it…live it…love it. Just like Disney stopped showing Song of the South back in the 1980’s because of its racist content, recognizing and labeling these movies appropriately is absolutely the right thing to do. If they get far enough out of step with society, then they either need to be re-made or shelved.

    Society moves on, hopefully for the betterment of all.

  4. Kelley Sue Martin

    I love going to All of the Disney Parks .I love all Disney movies. I think certain people are taking things a little too far.To all of the Melvins who are disrespectful to the Disney legacy shame on you.

  5. Sukii

    I guess it’s better than those movies disappearing completely.
    The whole Tropic Thunder black face thing was delt with in the movie so…watch it and get informed.
    Famous white actor plays blue genii. I don’t know any blue actors so calling this out it’s stupid.
    White actors doing voice overs acting as if they are a different race is called acting that’s what they get the big bucks for.
    Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai and white superiority, I believe that’s what the whole movie was about. And how by the end *spoiler alert* his views change. Kinda like Dances With Wolves.
    If people are going to get hung up on who plays who in original movies, not remakes, then they are going to miss out on enjoying the pleasure of getting lost in a good story. I think SJW aren’t happy people and they don’t want us to be happy either. I think they see it as their job to stomp their feet and call unfair until everyone is as miserable as they are.

    1. Sean M Cantrell

      It is very troubling to see the trend of calling anything depicted about world cultures other than Caucasian stereotypical and racist. There are plenty of negative stereotypes cast upon 20th century country folks, but no sensitivity is given towards they’re depictions… Cancel culture is cancer! If you don’t like what you see dont watch it. Its called liberty and freedom, stop projecting your dislikes on others and grow the f up.

  6. We are a mixed race family ( am I allowed to say that?) we love going to Disney world and watching movies with grandkids but this going to far they are just movies that is meant to b fun 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Valerie Baker

      I think this need to drastically censor and add warnings ad hoc is getting ridiculous. I’ve watched Disney films since childhood and to be honest, I usually more interested in the songs or the story to see racial slurs everywhere but then I’m white, so was Louis Prima who voiced King Louis. He was an Italian American bandleader and trumpet player, from New Orleans I think, which is the home of Jazz. That was his musical style, was he wrong to play that?.
      Cliff Edwards, voice artist at Disney, was white and one of Dumbos Crow friends.
      We can all sit around making mountains out of Mill hills or tackle the more serious issues that face us today.
      It was just race that was depicted in a disparaging way, away from Disney, but Homosexuality, illegitimacy, mental illness(still is) learning difficulties, physical disability. Ian Dury wrote about that, as a polio sufferer
      it was something he knew well.
      Attitudes are changing.

  7. Faithful Friend

    I’m glad those movies are kept in circulation and now have an added historical context. It’s respectful to people of color who have been mocked, dehumanized, and dismissed for decades (more like centuries). Keep movies like ‘Gone with the Wind’, and ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ , and ‘A Christmas Story’ (great films), but place an initial warning about its disrespectful attitude towards Black people and all other ethnicities because there are far too many ignorant people who want to stay in a bubble of ignorance and willingly ignore the traumatic and atrocities of systemic and generational racism.

  8. EricJ

    For those Yanks who don’t know, Sky network in the UK is the equivalent of Fox in the US:
    Rupert Murdoch owned, infamously tabloid/conservative, and with a noticeable racist bent, in a country already less than tolerant about ethnicities.
    Guess WHO would bend over backwards to what UK thought were the BLM “protests”, and dig up the old goof about thinking King Louie was a “racial caricature”, instead of a swingin’ 60’s Louis Prima one used to set up the “fire” plot point.

    (Meanwhile, Disney+ in the US puts automatic “This might be, like, OLD, so..” warnings on every bit of vintage content regardless, even the short cartoons.)

  9. Curious Hispanic Man

    I have a lot of issues with so-called racist content. The reason is that I’m not sure if all the so-called racist content is ACTUALLY personally offensive to the affected party. For example, I’ve recently learned that Speedy Gonzalez is getting complaints for its so-called racist portrayal. As a Hispanic person, I never once thought that Speedy Gonzalez was offensive to me. He was my favorite cartoon as child, because he could speak both English and Spanish, like me, and his accent was similar to mine. I never thought of his cheese-stealing antics as a jab at my Hispanic heritage. He’s a mouse and he’s fast. Of course he’d steal cheese for himself and his people. So, I wonder if African-Americans from the South have actually been personally offended by Song of the South (I can tell you now that there are at least SOME Southerners that I personally know who are sad that a depiction of their parents and grandparents culture is removed from circulation), or if people of other races or ethnic groups (not naming which ones) are indoctrinating others with their self-pronounced “woke-ness”. This applies to all other works of entertainment that are considered “racist”. I only wonder if they’re ACTUALLY personally offensive.

  10. Unknown

    I actually have Native American blood in me and I’m not offended by the Native American stereotypes in Peter Pan.

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