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rian johnson on star wars set with broom boy

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Oof! Just more of the same. Please stop. Both Johnson and Abrams made three bad “Star Wars” sequels.

    1. DonGa

      Haters gonna hate. I quite enjoyed the films. Plenty of people did.

    2. Bob

      You’re being very generous referring to those films as merely “bad”. If Johnson or Abrams are involved in future projects, I won’t be watching.

  2. EricJ

    So, it’s back on again?
    I thought Disney took it away from Johnson for obvious reasons, and gave it to the two Game of Thrones directors (during the big Finale hype), and they wisely dropped out when they found out how SW fans were different from Thrones fans.
    (But, lemme guess, Disney+ wants to make a whole subchannel of new shows around the binge-cult popularity of “Baby Yoda & Whatshisname”.)

    1. Rolf

      I’m totally fine with the first part, random noname kid becomes a Jedi. What I don’t want is the daughter of Rey being the bad guy. I really want to move on from the lineages. Sure, have Rey be a Jedi master. Have characters reappear. But it’s a huge galaxy. Can we have some other people be important outside of maybe four family trees?

  3. Dennis Beaulieu

    Remember in Idiocracy when the number one movie in the world is a rear end flatulating? That’s where Kathleen Kennedy and her two lap dogs are taking us.

  4. Swarovsky

    Please stop! Besides being the same story over and over, Ruin Johnson has already proved he doesn’t know what SW is… it’s destined to fail

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