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Did you miss out on some adorable Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction, “it’s a small world” items in April of 2020? While shopDisney has been dragged for its lack of customer service and working checkout process, it seems like some items are reappearing on the digital shelves and stock numbers are double-checked. We’re seeing a few lovely items on the website this summer, popping in and out as we await the return of the limited edition collection series.

restocked minnie mouse small world mug
Credit: shopDisney

RESTOCKED: Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction, April

The Small World Collection that celebrates the Disney Parks attraction of the same name included a Minnie Mouse plush, a Lougefly bag, a pin set, a mug, and a set of Minnie Mouse ears. Right now, we’re only seeing the Minnie Mouse plush, but keep checking back as these coveted items are reappearing on shopDisney!

You can still pick up the “it’s a small world” fabulous Minnie Mouse plush here for $29.99 or the “it’s a small world” coffee mug for $19.99 here!

Minnie Mouse Main Attraction April Small World PLush
Credit: shopDisney

New Minnie Mouse Collections on Hold

Shopping these restocked Minnie Mouse items may be the only chance you get to purchase the matriarchal mouse for a while. The entire collection, series 6-12 has been put on hold while shopDisney figures out some checkout bugs.

Shoppers have been plagued with issues trying to purchase both the Minnie Mouse collection in 2020 as well as other limited edition items like the May the Fourth collection celebrating Star Wars. Spirits were low when these purchased “in hand” items then started popping up on eBay and other sites as scalpers seemed to be the ones that scored the merchandise.

shopDisney confirmed that we should be checking back to the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction website for updates listed at the top of the page. Saturday the 20th’s June release will not be sold on time. This was the Peter Pan Collection inspired by the Neverland star and Peter Pan’s Flight attraction. We are still waiting to see collections 8-12, renamed from the months of the year. This signifies the possibility that we don’t see them until 2021.

Have you been collecting Minnie? The restocked Minnie Mouse items are exciting – let us know what you are checking out in a comment below.

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